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24th Brigade of Ukrainian Army destroys Russian Kredo-M1 PSNR-8 portable radar station in the Donbas (VIDEO)

On Thursday, June 25, the press service of the 24th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced the destruction of a position of the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas. The position housed spotters who used the latest Russian portable ground reconnaissance station PSNR-8 Kredo-M1 of Russian. InformNapalm international volunteer community reminds that this station has been repeatedly spotted by OSINT experts and there is abundant evidence of its use in the Donbas.

This station allowed the enemy not only to automatically detect and determine the coordinates of our technical assets and personnel, but also to make accurate adjustments for artillery fire on them. It was with the help of this station that Russian mercenaries carried out targeted shelling of our positions,” – said Ukrainian military spokesman, adding a video recording of the fire engagement.

Coordinates of targets engagement

InformNapalm volunteers also determined the exact coordinates of the position of the Russian spotter which is shown in the video: 48°24’36.9″N 38°05’24.5″E [1].


On May 3, 2019, OSCE SMM mentioned in its report [3] that on May 2, 2019 its short range UAV observed a Kredo-M1 PSNR-8 portable radar on the western edge of the town of Pervomaisk (58 km west of Luhansk).

InformNapalm OSINT specialists previously reported the use of the Russian Kredo-M1 PSNR-8 station in the occupied territories of Ukraine. This station was seen in the occupied territory of the Donetsk region three times:




Kredo-M1 was observed twice in the occupied territory of Luhansk Oblast:



Description and specifications of the system

Adopted for the Russian Army in 2002. Developed in 1995-2001. The developer is Strela NII (Research Institute). Manufactured by Strela OAO NII Strela. The station offers automatic detection and positioning of moving ground, air and surface targets (individual soldiers, units, armored objects, helicopters in hover or flying at low altitude, boats and ships of different classes), friendly artillery targeting.


Serviced by 2-3 people.
Operating frequency – 2 cm (J).
View area: range – from 200 m to 32 km; azimuth – from 12 to 180 degrees in 12 degree steps; tilt angle +/- 18 deg.
Target detection range: person – 7-8 km, tank – up to 16 km, truck – up to 32 km, artillery shell explosion – up to 5 km.
Average positioning error: range – up to 25 m, direction – 00-05 (0.3°)
Power consumption – 110 W.
Working time on a battery – up to 24 hours.
Weight – 51 kg.

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Translated by Andrii Gryga, edited by Artem Velichko.

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