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Artillery officer of the 1st Army Corps under UCA surveillance. Part 1

With this publication, InformNapalm volunteer intelligence community begins the series of articles analyzing the data from the laptop of the commander of artillery of the so-called 1st Army Corps of Russian occupation troops in Donbas. The data was exclusively provided to InformNapalm by the hacktivists of the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance (UCA [1]). It has been confirmed that the laptop owner is a Russian lieutenant colonel, who uses the alias “V. Skorokhod” and who replaced another Russian officer, Colonel Igor Valentinovich Yagelsky [2], in a rotation.

In the first publication, we will publish the information about the armament of the Artillery Brigade Group of the 5th Motorized Rifle Brigade (5th MRB “Oplot”, military unit 08805), provide the list of battalion commanders of the 1st Army Corps, and talk about Russian military simulators used in the Donbas to train local collaborators.

The information we’re publishing has no operational value, since it refers to the period of Fall 2015 – Spring 2016.

The Artillery Brigade Group of the 5th MRB “Oplot” (military unit 08805) of the Russian occupation corps consists of the following units: howitzer artillery battalion (HAB), self-propelled howitzer artillery battalion (SHAB), rocket artillery battalion (RAB), antitank artillery battalion (AAB). HAB is equipped with 122mm howitzers 2A18 (D-30), SHAB – with 2S1 Gvozdika 122mm self-propelled howitzers, RAB – with BM-21 Grad 122mm multiple launch rocket systems, and AAB – with 100mm anti-tank gun MT-12 “Rapira”. The artillery equipment listed below, as a rule, is delivered to the occupation units from military equipment storage and repair bases located in Russia.

D-30, serial numbers and photos:

2S1, serial numbers and photos:

BM-21, serial numbers and photos:

MT-12, serial numbers and photos:

The list of artillery battalion commanders with a remark: “To Voronov Alexey (head of artillery training department of General Staff)”. File created: 7/27/2015.


# Military Unit Position Rank Name Callsign
1 1st MRB SHAB commander Major Vrangel Aleksey Aleksandrovich Neman
2 1st MRB HAB commander Major Ptitsyn Viktor Viktorovich Merkul
3 1st MRB RAB commander Major Krotov Aleksandr Viktorovich Baikal
4 3rd MRB SHAB commander Major Mamedov Rustam Uralovich Ural
5 3rd MRB HAB commander Major Sviridov Andrey Viktorovich Platon
6 3rd MRB RAB commander Major Smolin Artyom Olegovich Sarmat
7 5th MRB SHAB commander Major Soldatkin Aleksandr Sergeyevich Aara
8 5th MRB HAB commander Lieutenant Colonel Gromov Evgeniy Maratovich Shaman
9 5th MRB RAB commander Major Semyonov Anatoliy Anatolievich Medved
10 7th MRB SHAB commander Major Galushko Sergey Aleksandrovich Terek
11 7th MRB HAB commander Lieutenant Colonel Onishchenko Sergey Vitalievich Dunay
12 7th MRB RAB commander Lieutenant Colonel Denisenko Sergey Aleksandrovich Kara
13 ABR HAB commander Major Semyonov Evgeniy Ivanovich Evstrop
14 ABR SHAB commander Major Melnikov Mikhail Alekseyevich Sid
15 ABR RAB commander Major Dyatlov Fyodor Evgenievich Dyatel
16 ABR AAB commander Captain Grechukhin Sergey Olimzhanovich Kaban
17 9th motorized rifle regiment SHAB commander Major Oskarov Rafik Mikhailovich Zmey
18 11th motorized rifle regiment SHAB commander Major Senyutin Ivan Leonidovich Amur

It is also known that battery commanders, who are often local collaborators of the invaders, are trained by Russian contract officers. Modern artillery simulators and GLONASS / GPS army navigators are used in their training.

December 2015, the positions of 9th Motorized Rifle Regiment. The photo shows the screen of the newest artillery simulator 9F6017 “Arterra-BT-3D”. For comparison, we provide a screenshot from the official video presentation of this simulator’s developer.

October 2015. In the picture from an artillery platoon commanders’ meeting of the 1st MRB you can see a modern Russian navigation unit GLONASS / GPS 14C822 Grot-M. [58] [59]

In conclusion, we will demonstrate several photos with BM-21 MLRS “Grad” vehicles from the reactive artillery battalion of the 3rd MRB. The equipment is disguised as army trucks and is located inside the production facilities of Horlivka Machine-Building Plant.

 The data for this investigation was exclusively provided to InformNapalm by hacktivists of UCA. InformNapalm Community bears no responsibility for the sources and origin of the data. We analyze and supplement materials on open source intelligence basis 


This publication was prepared specially for InformNapalm [66].

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