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Crowdfunding for Targeted Assistance to Informnapalm

Dear friends and readers! Many of you have seen the results of our international volunteer community, but few know what obstacles and challenges we constantly face. It may seem unfathomable that we have not yet become some kind of a public organization, have not applied for grants and have not become vassals of a political party or an individual businessman. There is no government institution in any country in the world that would fund our activities. We do our job with a pure heart and for the public good, but the burden of responsibility and obligations that we’ve shouldered begins to exceed our capabilities.

Because of anonymity considerations we could not have registered a bank account to raise funds to support the project for a long time. But recently one of the volunteers, with whom we are remotely familiar thanks to a number of volunteer initiatives, offered help. He is not a member of our InformNapalm community and has never seen our faces, but we trust him, because  this man did a lot for the Ukrainian military units during the ATO. He has repeatedly sent aid to the front line and helped the servicemen in solving many problems.

Thanks to him, we decided to try to use the crowdfunding opportunity for our project. Two bank accounts were opened for the needs of InformNapalm. Anyone wishing to help us in the fight against the Kremlin can now make not only informative, but also a financial contribution. We’re not going to make profit on this, but strive to distribute the financial burden on the largest possible number of concerned people. The funds will be used to support the project.

These are the account for money transfers within Ukraine:

If you live abroad, please use the account information provided on this page:

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Original article [6] translated by St. Grishin