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DNR’s Corruption Outrages its Own Official

A source in the DNR authority’s immediate entourage, on condition of complete anonymity, spoke with the editorial office of InformNapalm. This source revealed a block of data on the structure and criminal schemes ongoing in the terrorist “republics”. These schemes are run by the area’s self-proclaimed officials, who conceal their goals of personal enrichment under the guise of “democracy”.

Moreover, the source named names and described the actions of the departments involved in criminal schemes.

According to the source, the main power structures in DNR are paramilitary Oplot and Vostok insurgents’ units. Along with their military functions, they are also involved in looting. They take an active part in robberies and transporting the remaining equipment out of a variety of enterprises to sell it or utilize it as scrap. Systematically, all remaining profitable small and medium enterprises in DNR are being destroyed.

Only the companies owned by Rinat Ahmetov, his house and the house of Viktor Yanukovych are under protection. On direct orders of the DNR authority, any profitable business that does not belong to the family of Akhmetov or Yanukovych is being destroyed.

After some twists and turns, the Donetsk Cossacks and the so-called “Pravoslavnaya Army” obeyed the “Ministry of Defence of the DNR” and joined the armed bandit formations.

In particular, there are special corruption schemes regarding prisoner exchanges. According to the source, a former secretary of the “DNR National Council Chairman” Andrey Purgin named Daria Moroz is in charge of this kind of activity. This lady demands from $1,500 to $5,000 for a captured soldier’s exchange. According to unofficial data, these calculations are overseen personally by Andrey Purgin’s wife. If someone attempts to circumvent the system, the parties face unexpected obstacles – the prisoners disappear and the negotiators are arrested by Vostok battalion. The source concludes that the situation around the treatment and rehabilitation of “Novorossia’s defenders” is unique. A female citizen of the Russian Federation who responsible for the division and sale  of medicines from humanitarian cargoes runs the work of the Ministry of Health. Because of her “activity”, drugs are not issued at the hospital where the wounded are treated but distributed to units and subunits for the greater entanglement of corruption schemes.

Among the reasons that provoked the source to share this information with us were frustration and discrepancy between the DNR authorities’ declared slogans of democracy and their real actions.

We will not summarize anything, we just want everybody to make their own conclusions.

Original article [1] based on materials by InformNapalm.org, translated by Private