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Documents revealing personnel of another Russian BTG on a “Rostov-Ukrainian mission”

We have identified the personnel of the battalion tactical group (BTG) from the 7-th Military Base, which is deployed for alert missions near the Ukrainian border in the Rostov Oblast.

On October 4, 2016 InformNapalm international intelligence community published an article under the headline Daily routine of the Rostov reserve of “Novorossia army” [1]. It tracks the history of our investigations on the battalion tactical groups (BTG) of the Russian army in the Rostov region and gives a glimpse of their current alert mission routine. The tactical group from the 7-th Military Base (military unit 09332, Gudauta, from the occupied Abkhazia, Georgia) of the 49th Army of the Southern Military District of Russia was also named among other BTGs.

A few days later, InformNapalm got hold of the ration records, which reflected the personnel and structure of the BTG from the 7-th Military Base on “Rostov-Ukraine mission”. We decided not to disclose the source of the leak, however full set of the photographic evidence is stored in our archives and there is no doubt in its authenticity.

Note: in addition to the ration records of the BTG personnel from the 7-th Military Base, InformNapalm investigators received other important documents that are currently under examination.

The document analysis – The list of servicemen (units) receiving rations. July 7, 2016 – military unit (field post number) 09332 – 416 contract/conscript soldiers

  1. 4th infantry company – 56;
  2. 5th infantry company – 56;
  3. 6th infantry company – 60;
  4. Mortar battery – 25;
  5. Grenade-launcher platoon – 18;
  6. Control platoon – 13;
  7. Logistics platoon – 18;
  8. Medical platoon – 7;
  9. EW platoon – 1;
  10. Sniper platoon – 6;
  11. Flame-thrower platoon – (1+1+7) 9;
  12. Special operations group (from the N-th Special operations brigade) – 15;
  13. Reconnaissance company – ? (no data);
  14. UAV operating crew 2;
  15. The 205th Motorized Rifle Brigade – 2 .

Total: 418 servicemen – 416 (the 7-th Military Base) + 2 (the 205th Motorized Rifle Brigade).

This document makes it clear that the backbone of the BTG from the 7th Military Base, which is on alert missions in the Rostov Oblast, is staffed by the personnel of the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion (4th, 5th and 6th companies, a mortar battery, a grenade launcher platoon, a control platoon, a logistics platoon and a medical platoon). The tactical group also includes attached subunits (platoons, crews) of an EW company, a sniper company, a flame-thrower company, a reconnaissance company, a UAV company from the same military base. There is also a special operations group composed of the personnel of the N-th (the number is not defined) special operations brigade of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) and of military unit 74814 (205th Motorized Rifle Brigade from Budyonnovsk, Stavropol Krai).

According to our estimates, as of July 7, 2016, 288 servicemen (out of 418) of this BTG of the 7th Military Base, being on a combat alert mission in the Rostov region, received food rations. If we subtract the 288 people present, from the total number of 418, it turns out that 130 people were missing. The question is, where are these other 130 servicemen from this BTG?

The answer is obvious: on the other side of the border, as a part of the Novorossia illegal armed groups , so-called army corpsof Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR). Apparently they are nor by 70% manned by the Russian military personnel and mercenaries from Russia. InformNapalm repeatedly spotted the servicemen of this military base posing as “local rebel miners” (see 1 [2]2 [3]3 [4]). The official Ukrainian sources have also reported about this (see 4 [5]). We have also written about the mass recruitment of conscripts from the 7th Military Base into contract service to subsequently send them on the “Ukrainian missions” and about combat decorations awarded based on the results of such “missions” and their high personnel turnover (see 5 [6]6 [7]7). [8]

In addition to the above, our observations revealed that the 7th Military Base from the Rostov region is apparently also represented by at least one battery (6 pcs) of Akatsia 152 mm self-propelled howitzers and a company (10 pcs) of T-90A main battle tanks (MBT), as well as a battery of Grad multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and Osa surface-to-air missile system (SAM), which is not reflected on the food rations records. According to our assumptions, the artillery, MBTs and air defense equipment of the 7th Military Base are located in the area of Kadamovsky training range. They are on separate lists and are assigned to varying BTGs as reinforcements under the orders of the military alignment command. They could have also been transferred to the new (under formation) 150th Motorized Rifle Division of the 49th Army with permanent location in the city of Novocherkassk.

Personnel and armament of the 7th Military Base of the Russian occupation forces

The 7th Krasnodar Red Banner Order of Kutuzov and the Red Star Military Base, military unit 09332 (Gudauta, occupied Abkhazia, Georgia), includes:

The links below present 20 episodes involving military unit 09332 with facts of participation of servicemen from the 7th Military Base of the Russian Army in the war against Ukraine.

About 10 awarded servicemen of the 7th Military Base are registered in our database and video overview “Award stigma of war criminals from the Russian Army”, published by our community on October 3, 2016. [10]

Judging by the number of our publications, featuring military unit 09332, the 7th Military Base of the Russian occupation forces beats all previous records and is the most belligerent military force of the Russian Army in Ukraine, which is reflected in our materials:

We should like to remind that the database of InformNapalm investigations proving participation of more than 75 military units of the Russian army in the fighting in Ukraine is available at:

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Edited by Artem Velichko

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