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A DPR Combatant Describes how Orders are Given through Russian Officers

ffffffffff [1]The InformNapalm team received another video of a separatist prisoner of war telling about his activities in `Dontesk People’s Republic’ (DPR) structures. The video is old, as the interrogation date is September, but it is the situation described is still relevant and interesting today. In this recording the combatant re-tells how he came to be recruited into the DPR forces, and how they are operating under Russian military command. He expresses remorse for his stupidity. Perhaps he is just saying what he thinks his interrogator wants to hear, perhaps he is speaking from a new understanding?

The video contains a lot of cut and paste (stitching) in places where intelligence data or valuable information has been deleted because it cannot be shared publically. We trust you will understand this necessity.

Video translated and sub-titles inserted by Eugenia Zlamanuk