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Evidence of the Participation of the 61st Marine Brigade of the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet in the Fights in Donbas

In this photograph: Anatoliy Mineev, Ivan Shcherbatenko, Vladimir Stach, Sergey Antonkin, Nikita Bon’, Dmitriy Borisov. Added on September 5, 2014. Posted by Grigoriy Sedov.

Evidence of the participation of the 61st Marine Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy in the fights in Donbas (17 names, over 40 photographs) – dedicated to the Assistant Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Pankov.

Continuing the theme of the regular Russian military troops’s participation in the undeclared war against Ukraine, we present irrefutable photographic evidence of the presence of a unit of the 61st Marine Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy (military unit No. 38643 of Northern Fleet, Sputnik, Murmansk Oblast, Russia) in Donbas.

The collected photographs and comments suggest a combined unit consisting of troops from the airborne assault and the marine battalions of the 61st Brigade. According to the photographs, Murmansk marines were deployed to the Ukrainian border as early as May, 2014. Initially, they were stationed in Voronezh Oblast. Later they were transferred to Rostov Oblast, which then became the departure point for their ‘visits’ to Donbas.

Some marines of the 61st Brigade are still on the Rostov-Ukraine trip in Rostov Oblast and possibly in Ukraine. In particular, in February a detachment of the 61st Marine Brigade, was geotagged in Tarasovo-Melovskoye, Chertkovskiy raion, Rostov Oblast (see the pictures of R. Menshov, whose profile has been deleted by now).

Servicemen of this brigade posted the photos over a period of time from the summer of 2014 until February of 2015. The photographs confirm the participation of the servicemen of the brigade in the fighting in Donbas in the summer and the fall, and possibly even later.

2-2 [1]

Photo, added at 16th February of 2015. Likes: 5, posted by Rustam Suleymanov

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Photo, added at 26th February of 2015, Likes 8, posted by Vlad Chikomazov


Taras Sormov: Drills?

Vlad Chikomazov: Taras – Drills-shmills, don’t pretend like you’re stupid. 

bardak [3]4-2 [4]

4 photographs 

Rest in peace, friend ((

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Ania Pashynskaya: What happened?

Snezhulia Udachina: Ania, he got burned (((

Posted by Vladimir Selyakov


Because we have sufficient photo evidence, I would highlight several important points:

  1. Diverse field uniform without insignia, equipment with painted over numbers, unkempt appearance, white armbands, Ukrainian signs and plaques in the background, comments and many other things point on the participation of the Russian marine corps of 61st brigade in combats in Donbas. And the key evidence is the prompt cleanup of social network profiles.
  1. Many marines pose with a strange, non-standard BRDM armored vehicle covered with bullet or shrapnel traces. Possibly this is a trophy, because this vehicle looks very similar to those restored by the Ukrainian volunteers and placed in service by the ‘Aidar’ battalion and other units of the Ukrainian Army and the National Guard.
  1. Of course, ‘Cargo-200’ [a casualty] is also mentioned here, mourned by V. Selyakov on his page.
  1. There is a large amount of other direct and indirect evidence of the participation of the Russian servicemen from Murmansk in Putin’s folly in Donbas. Still, the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the Northern Fleet refute the data of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights regarding the deployment of Murmansk contract troops to Rostov Oblast with their subsequent participation in the fighting in Donbas.

See the photos and screenshots (profiles and photographs) of the war criminals from the 61st Marine Brigade of the Northern Fleet, who participated in the undeclared war against Ukraine.

1. Roman Tertilov  https://vk.com/id281211305 [5]

1-1 [6] 1-2 [7]
2. Rustam Suleymanov  https://vk.com/id259418682 [8]

2-1 [9]2-2 [10]
3. Ruslan Mikhailov https://vk.com/id253178528 [11]

3-1 [12]3-2 [13]
4. Vladimir Selyakov  https://vk.com/id152255766 [14]

4-1 [15] 4-4 [16]
5. Eugenii Perkov  https://vk.com/id132193042 [17]

5-1 [18] 5-3 [19]
6. Ruslan Menshov  https://vk.com/id25660672 [20] (profile deleted)

6-1 [21] 6-2 [22]
7. Aleksandr Yurievich Bykov  https://vk.com/alexandrbykov90 [23]

7-1 [24] 7-4 [25]
8. Mishania Lebedev  https://vk.com/id212822730 [26]

8-1 [27] 8-2 [28] 8-3 [29]
9. Roman Mankevich  https://vk.com/id294319741 [30]

9-1 [31] 9-2 [32]9-3 [33]
10. Anatolii Mineev  https://vk.com/id247534014 [34]

10-1 [35] 10-3 [36] 10-4 [37]
11. Vlad Chikomazov  https://vk.com/cmpunk94 [38]

11-1 [39] 11-02 [40] 11-2 [41]11-3 [42]
12. Nikita Bon’  https://vk.com/id28476927 [43]

12-1 [44] 12-2 [45]12-3 [46]
13. Pasha Shakhtarov  https://vk.com/id218973476 [47]

13-1 [48]13-2 [49]13-3 [50]
14. Ivan Shcherbatenko https://vk.com/id171143193 [51]

14-1 [52] 14-2 [53]
15. Vladimir Stach  https://vk.com/vovan_stach [54]

15-1 [55]15-2 [56]15-3 [57]
16. Sergei Antonkin  https://vk.com/id76989395 [58]

16-1 [59]16-2 [60]
17. Dmitrii “Avtozavodets” Borisov  https://vk.com/id44773745 [61]

17 [62]17-2 [63]17-3

All aforementioned criminals will be included into the ‘Myrotvorets’ [Peacekeeper] and other databases.

It should be noted that we observed the presence of the 61st Marine Brigade in the Rostov-Ukraine deployment since September, 2014. In the beginning of November, 2014 we traced the march of a company tactical group of this brigade from its base camp in Millerovo to Kamensk-Shakhtinsky and further, presumably to Donbas. See the links:

“61st Marine Corps Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy on Ukrainian border”:  https://informnapalm.org/1587-61-ya-brygada-morskoj-pehoty-sf-na-granytse-s-ukraynoj [64]


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Original article [73] by Irakli Komaxidze, [74] translated by Andrii Gryganskyiedited by Max Alginin.