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Exact coordinates of location with newest Russian EW systems in Donbas established

On April 3, 2019, the official Twitter account of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to OSCE & UN in Vienna  @UKRinOSCE [1]  published a photo of an R-330Zh Zhitel automatic jamming system and a Tirada-2 electronic warfare system that was taken on March 16, 2019 by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission near the village of Yuzhna Lomuvatka in a part of the Donbas occupied by Russia. InformNapalm international volunteer community underscored the importance of such a unique find in the article: Latest Russian EW systems able to jam American drones spotted in Donbas [2].

Using the newly published photo, InformNapalm volunteers have determined the exact coordinates of the place where the above mentioned Russian systems are located.

The OSCE photo did not have coordinates, so InformaNapalm volunteers reviewed publicly available satellite images in Google Map and found the exact location of the place:   48.418126 38.511170 [3]. Interestingly, the Kung military trucks with radio antennas can be seen regularly on satellite images of the area. We can assume that the Russian EW systems have been stationed there for a long time.


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