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Russian ‘Military Shops’ in Donbas: TOP-5 Products in February

There are dozens of legends on the world wide known Russian ‘military shops’. Unlike the common military shops which sell uniform, chevrons, etc, this state-scale ‘supermarket of terror’ continues to surprise observers with the variety of weapons and equipment deployed to Donbas by Russia. The InformNapalm has decided to summarize the assortment of ‘products’ discovered in February.

  1. Militants of the so-called “separate special forces brigade of the 2nd army corps of People’s Militia of LPR” leaked the facts of shipment of ‘Msta-B’ howitzers from the Russian equipment storage and maintenance bases. More details can be found in our article “Terrorist Tupitsyn & Co. Reveals Secrets of the Russian ‘Military Trade’ in Luhansk [1]“.Selection_121 [2]Selection_126 [3]
  2. The same ‘brigade’ also shedded light on the Russian Federation’s supplies of the modern Ural-632301 military trucks. These trucks have never been in service of the Ukrainian army, thus cannot be war trophies. Please refer to the investigation conducted by blogger feldherrnhalle [4].Selection_167 [5]Selection_166 [6]Selection_165 [7]
  3. With the help of patriots living in the occupied territories, we identified 2B26 ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher systems on KamAZ-5350 chassis which are not used by the Ukrainian army as well. Please read our “InformNapalm’s Observers Found 2 Russian 2B26 ‘Grad’ Systems [8]” investigation. And we cannot miss the chance to show you some explicit pictures of this equipment. The ‘Dizel’ battalion, one of the illegal armed formations, disclosed a nice photo [9] of this complex on combat training. Selection_172 [10]
  4. A selfie-lover from the so-called ‘4th separate motorized rifle brigade of LPR‘ has made a photo in front of the export version of the T-72S1 tank, which was actively sold to Iran and Venezuela. It might be that the Russian ‘military shop’ barked up the wrong tree and ‘exported’ these tanks to Donbas. Please take a closer look at the investigation here – “Observers from the InformNapalm Visited the Tank Storage Base near Luhansk [11]“.Selection_146 [12]
  5. Militant Igor Smirnov [13] also couldn’t stop boasting and uploaded to his profile a picture [14] of the modern Russian ‘Vystrel’ [Shot] KamAZ-43269 armored vehicle, which totally accidentally appeared in the South-Eastern Ukraine in the beginning of 2015. Selection_174 [15]

Let us recall you that a year ago, on February 19, 2015, the InformNapalm’s volunteers put together the data on the Russian armed forces’ equipment and published it as the “TOP-10 Military Gadgets Involved in the Russian Aggression Against Ukraine [16]” infographics. That was the first attempt to summarize the results of our OSINT investigations on identification the heavy weaponry used by the Russian army and militants. The article was translated in 14 languages.


Original article [17] by Mikhail Kuznetsov [18], translated by Stepan Grishin