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FrolovLeaks: anathema as instrument of influence on the Ukrainian politics. Episode II

Hacktivists of Ukrainian Cyber Alliance (UCA) [1] shared with the InformNapalm volunteer intelligence community a massive data dump from the mailbox of Kirill Frolov, Vice-Director of the Institute for CIS Countries, spokesman of the Union of Orthodox Citizens and “church-going expert” (FrolovLeaks).

For more details on Frolov’s connections read Episode 1:
FrolovLeaks: church-going Kremlin influence expert in Ukraine. Episode 1 [2]

The complete dump of Kirill Frolov’s mail will be posted together with the last part of our series and will be available to anyone wishing to research it in more detail. The original EML messages [3] used in the preparation of this episode are available in the archive. The publication contains screenshots and attachments from those messages.

Episode 2

2005-2007. Russia’s state machine continues exploiting various forms of hybrid aggression against Ukraine. It uses lots of tools to gradually destabilize the situation – social organizations, “cultural and awareness-raising events” and, of course, the extensive network of priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate – all for achieving the ultimate goal – gaining political influence on Ukraine.

As early as in 2007, the Donetsk Republic organization comes into the open. On November 21, 2008, the media center of Artem Russian University in Donetsk hosts a plenary meeting of Donetsk Russian Forum “Russian World in Action. Long Live the Russian Cultural Revolution”.

We are publishing below extracts from the meeting records showing the goals and nature of the organization. They only lack only the banners with swastikas and thugs with hands raised in the Nazi salute:

 “In view of the lack of activity on the part of such historically Russian countries as Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, the Baltics, the participants of the Donetsk Russian Forum believe that in the existing situation we have to urgently resolve the issue of creating permanent Russian Centers in the countries occupying the originally Russian lands in order to join efforts towards the establishment of a new Universal Russian Space as the fundamental component of the Russian People liberation and joining our forces around the Russian Superethnos Idea. We must not allow ruination of the world created by our ancestors. The world of the white, hence Russian, Race…”

For more info download the document files:
donetskaya-respublyka [4],
s-rezhymom-yushhenko-byotsya-donetskaya-respublyka [5];
17-yanvarya-zashhytym-otechestvo [6];
deklaratsyya-nezavysymosty-dfr [7];
anons [8];
my-russkye. [9]

On 15.02.2010 the Donetsk Republic organization announced its dissolution; however, its cells remained dormant until the “zero hour” which came in the spring of 2014.

From: Kornilov Vladimir <[email protected] [10]>

Subject: Donetsk Republic Appeals

To: [email protected] [11]

CC: [email protected] [12], [email protected] [13], [email protected] [14]

Dear Sirs,

In the past few weeks the “Orange” (ed.: supporters of president Yushchenko) together with the members of the Party of Regions have been doing a brilliant promotion for the Donetsk Republic organization. First, Nasha Ukraina raised a racket about the appearance of flags of the Republic (calling them “anti-state”) at the coalition events. Then the Party of Regions people got scared and drove the Republic from their events, sent them to Donetsk, tore down all insignia in the tent camp, then Yushchenko referred to the organization in vain at his press conference. Finally, yesterday Nalivaychenko said that the Security Service of Ukraine found no crime in the Republic’s activities and symbols.

Now the Donetsk Republic has held a number of loud campaigns and is in the focus of attention of the all-Ukrainian media. Please find attached the Republic’s appeals to the people of Donetsk and the statement it made for the Donetsk mass media.


Vladimit Kornilov

Pro-Russian organizations in Ukraine have been fiercely competing with each other. For example, Frolov forwarded the summary on the Donetsk Republic tying it to Dugin and considering the possibility of seizing the control over the organization.

From: Kiril Frolov <[email protected]>

Subject: Donetsk Republic

To: [email protected] [12]

This summary has been prepared by the Ukrainian Department of the Institute of CIS Countries on the basis of interviewing sources in Donetsk and Moscow. The sources claim that the Union of Born by Revolution was created in the likeness of the Pora (ed.: Ukrainian for It’s Time) project, however, with the “Donetsk mentality flavor”. In other words, it was to be a civil movement criticizing the current “orange” authorities.

The organizers: Khriakov, Tsurkan, Purgin.

Then certain staff rotations occurred, namely, Khriakov took center stage while the others separated from him and formed the Donetsk Republic organization.

Activity: during the 2004 elections (before the third round) the Union of Born by Revolution organized a “Ukraine without Yushchenko” tent camp which remained on the Lenin Square in Donetsk for the following 18 months. They printed slogans on T-shirts and handed out brochures. Just recently Khriakov appeared on one of the TV channels speaking of “the CIA preparing a local revolution in Donetsk”. He spoke about millions channeled via the funds to the potential organizers and about intensifying of activities of the Plast and Youth Nationalist Congress structures.

Donetsk Republic. Leaders: Purgin and Tsurkan. They are described as responsible people and their activity – as development of the regional patriotism. These guys distribute information leaflets on the historical motivation of the Donetsk Republic on the basis of articles by Dmitry Kornilov, a historian of the Donetsk – Krivoy Rog Republic. They held just one event – the notorious rally on November 7 and the announcement of gathering signatures for the Donetsk Republic. One of the organizers of the Donetsk Republic, Tsurkan, is at the same time the Chairman of Svyatogor, the cultural and historical society for the Donbas development.

Financing options.

People close to this organization’s activity said that there is the Party of Regions behind the Union of Born by Revolution and the Donetsk Republic. However, the sources in Moscow report that both organizations are financed by Aleksandr Dugin. The fact is, they act jointly with Dugin’s Eurasian Youth Union.

Conclusion: these organizations must be seized from Dugin, put under control and developed in the right direction.

The mailbox also contains evidence of the fact the forces represented by Frolov interfered with the political and religious matters in Ukraine. One of his correspondents is an unidentified person having a Facebook account with the name Aleksey Miller [15], there are also references to Alexej Dobychin [16], Valerij Kaurov [17], Svyatoslav Kompaniyets [18].

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Dobychin requests meetings with your people

To: [email protected] [20]

  1. Dobychin is ready to contact your people. He wanted you to know.
  2. Kaurov requests contacts. He broke it with Vitrenko and is now creating his own party project hoping to join the Party of Regions on good terms. This project must be supported as it will be opposed by Yuriy Boldyrev, a deputy of the Party of Regions who is thinking himself to be the monopolist of the Orthodox resource. We need Boldyrev, too, however, that is a different story.

But, honestly, there is no one more effective than Kaurov. If he is left without support, he may get an ouster. This would be a disaster, as there is nobody who can replace him, there are no activists strongly opposing the separation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Moscow Patriarchate.


From: Kirill Frolov [email protected] [19]

Subject: Crimea – Urgent

To: [email protected] [20]

On the situation in the Crimea. Leonid Grach has betrayed us and removed his people from one of the roads in the Old Crimea.

Our hope depends on how quickly (we are talking hours here) the Resistance forces, primarily, the Proryv (ed.: Russian for Breakthrough) will be able to close all roads to Stary Krym. This is the task for the Crimea.

In Kiev there is a chance for the Party of Regions. If it can prevent the coup on June 7 when the Orange Coalition attempts the coup by passing the “Act on Foreign Troops Stationing in Ukraine”, it will have a chance to seize power and crush the coup organizers. This requires determination, at least, preparedness to block the speaker’s stand (Ed.: apparently referring to the Ukrainian parliament).

There must be an ultimatum to Moroz, as the Socialist Party is against joining NATO. Moroz is closely followed by Vinskiy who made an agreement with Tymoshenko. But Moroz cannot be trusted.

So, to sum it up: 1. Roads around the Stary Krym must be closed as soon as possible, then Donuzlav.

  1. We need to make the Party of Regions burn their bridges and put everything on stake. This requires anti-retreat forces represented by Kaurov, Dobychin and Kompaniyets.

The last message where Frolov calls for immediate decision was sent to two other recipients as well. One of them is Yana Amelina, an Islam expert who also specialized in the Crimea matters. At that time, she was a staff correspondent of the Rosbalt [21] Information Agency. Later she transferred to the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. The other person is Boris Lukichev, representative of the Synodal Department and executive officer in the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

Gradually, a pool of influence agents is being formed. Obviously, the closest ones are referred to in this recommendation message.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re[2]: Clarification of the meaning

To: Anatoliy Birskiy <[email protected] [22]>

I do not mind. In Moscow, there are also Kaurov, Sydor the Rusin, Archbishop Ionafan of Kherson who is Filaret’s sworn enemy, Father Andrey Novikov who is the secretary of Metropolitan Agaphangel – a very powerful pro-Moscow character. We have a “Russians in Ukraine” conference here.

Anisimov’s cell phone is 81038 050 4444516 – you can contact him directly at the summit, introduce yourself somehow or approach him together with Silantiev. My cell phone is 89067889812.

When you receive this message, I will be at the conference from the early morning and will be there for the whole day. But I can answer my cell phone. You can meet all these guys together with Silantiev – he has done well with Kaurov, you can say that you represent the World Russian People’s Council. You can meet him tomorrow night. Your summit opening ceremony will be over, same as our conference. Some time around 9:30 PM.

Frolov sends a message to the Ministry of Internal Affairs stating that Russia is primarily interested in the elections failure, as the Party of Regions and Nasha Ukraina joining into a coalition may cause intensification of anti-Russian tendencies, will secure a breakthrough in the processes of Ukraine joining NATO and its ultimate derussification. The message contains more details.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Ukrainian elections failure – Russia’s interest

To: Andrey Vorobyov <[email protected] [23]>

However, elections failure is possible.

  1. For the September 30 elections to fail, we have to ensure that the Central Elections Commission passes a resolution acknowledging the authority of the deputies of Nasha Ukraina and Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc who have not abnegated it and who in the pre-election lists follow those elected to the Verkhovnaya Rada in March 2006. There are enough of such candidates who can make two thirds of the nominal list of the Verkhovnaya Rada.
  2. We must prove to V. Yanukovych that in the event of the “Big Coalition” and of the September 30 elections as such, he will never become Prime Minister again. This will be the end of his power.

With adequate support, there are Verkhovnaya Rada deputies – Yuriy Boldyrev, V. Kiselev, V, Khara – who can do it.

The majority of the deputies of the Party of Regions faction in the Verkhovnaya Rada are against the “pre-term elections”. The Socialists and Communists are on the same side.

In working with the Socialists it seems important to pay attention to Andrey Derkach, Chief of the Ukrainian Energoatom (National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine), who is also the owner of the Kiev Telegraph newspaper, as to a politician close to the Ukrainian church of the Moscow Patriarchate with a moderately pro-Russian orientation.


From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re: Fw: Invitation from Odessa

To: Valerij Kaurov <[email protected]>

I have spoken to Tolik (Anatoliy).

The idea is to involve the Orthodox active group led by the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine in the propaganda against Ukraine joining NATO. Moscow can help but Igor is to participate.

This has to be included in the fact sheet for our political force project.

Gradually, these influence agents populate the mass media with the terms which became actually known to most Ukrainians only in 2014. The messages contain the word “Novorossia” more and more often, while the so-called Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine requests money for its creation (zayavka-na-russkyj-myr [24]; po-gazete-dlya-granta). [25] The Party of Regions is openly referred to as a pro-Russian project, efforts are made to mix the Orthodox religion and politics together (vseukraynskoe-obedynenye) [26].

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Valera – we are doing just perfect. Check Interfax-Religion. There are as many as two stories about you

To: [email protected] [27]

July 21, 2006, 17:05

The leader of the Union of Orthodox Citizens suggests establishing a branch of the World Russian People’s Council in the south and east of Ukraine.

Moscow. July 21. INTERFAX – The leader of the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine, Valerij Kaurov, spoke for establishing a branch of the World Russian People’s Council in Novorossia “as the largest Russian-speaking Orthodox region of the country”.


From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Novorossia – a powerful move

To: [email protected] [22]

New Region – Kiev

Publications of 18.11.06

A movement for renaming the Odessa region to “Novorossia” has been created.

18.11.06 17:44

Odessa, November 18 (New Region – Kiev, Mikhail Ryabov) – The Congress of Russian Organizations of Odessa uniting regional organizations of fellow citizens changed its name to the Congress of Russian Organizations of Novorossia at its meeting last Saturday. New Region learned about this from the head of the Congress, Valerij Kaurov.

According to him, the Congress name change is related to one of its main goals – “struggle for the restoration of the historical name of our territory – Novorossia”.

Other goals of the Congress include the struggle against violations of the rights of Russian-speaking population, support of the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, struggle against Ukraine joining NATO, etc.

The Congress unites representatives of the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine, Odessa city branch of the Russian Movement of Ukraine, Odessa city Russian community The Rusichi, Odessa regional organization Edinoe Otechestvo (One Fatherland), Sootechestvenniki (Fellow Citizens) organization, city organization Russkoe Edinstvo (Russian Unity), Bogdan Khmelnitsky Cossack Army, Grazhdanskaya Pozitsiya (Public Stance) and the Russian community Otchina of Balta town.

2006, New region – Kiev

Here we can again see the influence over politics through the church:

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: rus.stiftom

To: [email protected]

Yanukovych will visit Moscow on August 15-16. Obviously, a meeting with the Patriarch would be significant and important. Zatulin can assist in bringing Yanukovych to Chisty Lane (Ed.: the headquarters of Moscow Patriarchate).

The questions raised by the Rusyns are also politically charged: NATO, the referendum. In this area the contact person is Petr Getsko. [28] He writes to Frolov about the Rusyn movement on March 17, 2009 (kyryll) [29]; an international conference is held on the same subject (proekt [30]; 222) [31].

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re: your mail

To: Petr Getsko <[email protected] [32]>

Share your ideas, we will discuss them.

—–Original Message—–

From: Petr Getsko [email protected] [32]

To: [email protected] [19]

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 20:19:15 +0400



Hello, Kirill!

Is our future cooperation possible or not? It is a very important time now for the Carpatho-Rusyns, we need information support!

Sincerely yours, Petr Getsko

http://www.fmprktp.prg/fmprktp/index.php [33]

Why are Ukrainian authorities ignoring the results of the Transcarpathian referendum?

Carpatho-Rusyns are against NATO bases in the Transcarpathia.

The correspondence contains discussions of the balance of powers in the political area, the Kremlin’s influence on Yanukovych and Tymoshenko. In February 2010 Frolov composes an analytical memo on Ukraine (otchet-o-semynare [34]) and sends the material (otchet-o-zakrytom-semynare-v-ynstytute-stran-sng [35]) to Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev ([email protected] [36]) marked as “Confidential. Non-public expert seminar on Ukraine”.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re: Interesting for Kostya

To: Valerij Kaurov <[email protected] [37]>

Why do you think she is being attacked? On the contrary, Kurochkin is getting her off the hook by saying that she was barred from the Verkhovnaya Rada, that she has large factions in local councils, that she could have joined forces with Yanukovych. This is a public evidence of the fact that she no longer has problems with Kurochkin and that she was told by the Kremlin not to attack Yanukovych too much.

In this situation, the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine has to try to fit in the current setup while bargaining to the maximum.

Influence on the politics intensifies, the plans are becoming more and more ambitious.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re[2]: Message about World Russian People’s Council

To: Valerij Kaurov <[email protected] [37]>

When did Silantiev call?

What are you so stressed about? You will travel to the Congress (remember the guy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?) Igor is going to sort it out with the World Russian People’s Council, he will be in Moscow next week, you can go with him. In the WRPC all decisions are made by Ganichev rather than by Roma.

You are no rescue team. Svyatogorsk and Kiev are national projects, they are visible everywhere and they have to go on. They will be supported. You have to realize one thing – Moscow bets on the Party of Regions. Do not set the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine opposite to it.

I have been told by big guys that you are simultaneously making deals with Kaurov, thus splitting the resource. Yura has put his two cents worth in it as well, but the focus on the Party of Regions is not Yura’s fantasy. The project of the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine will get strong support as soon as it is included into the strategy. It may be included in the form of turning the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine into an influential above-party social organization to control and direct the activities of all forces of the anti-crisis coalition and the radical opposition – the Party of Regions, the Communist Party of Ukraine, the Socialist Party of Ukraine, the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine – and to send its members there.

An action plan for the Russian Cultural Center (?) is also needed.

Also. Yanukovych’s wife, Lyudmyla, is regarded as the object of influence.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: important addition

To: lm lm [email protected] [12]

Another important channel of influence on V. Yanukovych is his wife, Lyudmyla. She is a natural opponent of Hanna Herman and this opposition can and must be given certain idea – an Orthodox Russian Donbass-born Lyudmyla vs. Galician Uniate Banderite Herman.

Lyudmyla Yanukovych is a devoted Orthodox Christian, dedicated to the ideas of schema-archimandrite Zosima (Sokur) who was the confessor of the Yanukovyches and cursed the very idea of the “independent Ukraine” (he died in 2002). If Lyudmyla is surrounded by such priests as Andrey Novikov, that will be a tremendous resource of influence.

Obviously, pushing V. Yanukovych to resolving the issue of eliminating the church schism in Ukraine may become one of the key factors in “burning the bridges” with the projects of “Kuchma-zation” of Yanukovych and with their promoters, one of the most dangerous of which is political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinskiy, a rather smart man who effectively created the ideology of “Kuchma-izm” as a project for gradual derussification of Ukraine using Russian resources by deceiving Moscow. Pogrebinskiy is extremely cynical in describing his philosophy: “In Moscow I am not even in the top twenty political scientists, while in Kiev I get a phone call from the President of the Independent Ukraine every morning”.


Non-glamourous wife of President Yanukovych is an Orthodox missionary. Kirill FROLOV

In Russia there are also a lot of different groups competing with each other, however, all of them have their interests in Ukraine, all of them maintain contact with their influence agents getting all sorts of information from them, sometimes it is rather biased. The dump contains multiple examples of Frolov offering poor judgment and getting priorities wrong, despite his special focus on the Ukrainian topics.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Korchinskiy continues getting support and instructions from Moscow

To: [email protected] [20]

My story for KM.RU. “Moreover, Pashkovskiy is now actively supporting the other group of dissenters from the so-called “Kiev Patriarchate”. At the same time, his flock (for example, Ukrainian nationalist Dmytro Korchynsky) are openly proud of killing Russians in Chechnya. In spite of the fact that there is a criminal case in Russia against Korchynsky for his terrorism involvement, his influential protectors in Moscow are still supporting him. Unfortunately, such pro-Russian organizations as the Union of Orthodox Citizens of Ukraine which heroically fight for the Russian language and the canonical Orthodox faith are not getting any support from Moscow.

I am talking about Korchynsky’s continuing contacts with Pavlovskiy and V. S-v.

I was informed about this by a Korchynsky’s man in Donetsk. Obviously, Pavlovskiy’s people instructed Korchynsky to join A. Pashkovskiy’s dissenter group supported by Lurie, Credo visionary, and, consequently, by Pavlovskiy, Credo sponsor. We have to look at Meier and at the attempts to discredit Kaurov from this point of view.

  1. Frolov: “Ukrainization of the 1930s and the Holodomor are inseparable components of genocide of the Russians”.

Igor Shuvalov, an influential political strategist from Russia who has been working in Ukraine since over a decade and who is now one of the supervisors of Inter TV channel, is an object of interest for Frolov’s employers. This is what he writes about Shuvalov:

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Shuvalov

To: [email protected] [12]

Igor Shuvalov appeared in Ukraine as a political strategist in 2002 and worked for the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united). He appeared as part of the support lent to V. Medvedchuk and the SDPU(u) by the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation since the period of A. Voloshin. Shuvalov appeared in the Medvedchuk’s team as a junior political partner of M. Gelman. However, in the presidential elections of 2004 he was positioned as an independent political technologist, as an “unofficial supervisor” from the Russian Presidential Administration. Shuvalov was head of one of Yanukovych’s teams – “N. Shufrych team” who supervised the central TV channels in Ukraine. He was heavily criticized by the “orange” camp as one of the authors of media gag orders (Ed.: also known as “temniki” – political orders on what news to cover and how) – ideological guidelines for the media – which allegedly infringed on the journalists’ freedom. One of the gag orders on mobilizing the Orthodox factor against the “orange” produced by the Shufrych-Shuvalov team was “leaked” to Yushchenko’s team by the UT-1 channel journalists.

Shuvalov, indeed, thinks out of the box, is open to new ideas and people, as opposed to other political strategists working against Yushchenko. However, his political views remain unknown. Therefore, the question whether he is a person defending the interests of Russia or an opportunist who fit well with Victor Medvedchuk by a whim of fate, remains open. Obviously, Shuvalov is lobbying Medvedchuk’s interests in the Party of Regions.

At the same time, Medvedchuk, trying to oversell himself, is capable of sudden twists – if it does not work with Yanukovych, he can switch to his other protégé – V. Baloga. Probably, Shuvalov can lobby the appearance of such detestable characters as L. Kravchuk in the list of the Party of Regions. One can learn a lot about Shuvalov and influence him through his supervisors in the Presidential Administration of 2002-2004 and through the people close to V. Surkov, the Foundation for Effective Politics, etc.


In his message of 02.08.2007, Frolov includes the summary on Inna Bogoslovskaya. They are trying to involve her in their scope of influence – probably, to no avail (ynna-germanovna-bogoslovskaya [38]).

Many messages are related to Odessa and its significance in Moscow’s imperial ambitions. V. Kaurov requests financing of the information and analytic service Novorossia (kaurov-obektyvka) [39]. The correspondence includes the background memo on his organization, Edinoe Otechestvo (One Fatherland) (soyuz-pravoslavnyh-grazhdan-ukrayny-edynoe-otechestvo [40], dopolnenyya-k-spravke), [41] as well as the rationale of the designs that were attempted in the spring of 2014.

 “If Russia gets control over the region, Odessa may become: 1) the center of protests and opposition to anti-Russian power projects, 2) the key link in the “Russian Arc” from Transnistria via Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, the Crimea, Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Lugansk regions to the borders of the Russian Federation. In fact, the control over Odessa and then over the pro-Russian Nikolaev and Kherson regions makes such “Russian Arc” possible. If such “Russian Arc” is stretched from Transnistria to the borders of Russia, the South-East of Ukraine, the historical Novorossia”, will be directly linked to Russia, there will be the preconditions for more radical scenarios, as Kiev will in fact face a unified uninterrupted territory from Tiraspol to the borders of the Rostov Oblast of the Russian Federation. This territory will be able to exist separately from Kiev, dictate its terms and raise the question of self-determination” (full text – odesskyj-regyon-v-tsentre-geopolytyky). [42]

All kinds of methods of interfering with the elections in Ukraine are considered in order to ensure the political gains for Russia.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Ukraine

To: [email protected] [43]

  • In the remaining time with the use the Crimean ballots, courts, the most intense pressure from Russia, threatening R. Akhmetov with the possibility of Tymoshenko locking him up, etc. – at any cost to raise the result of the Party of Regions by the required 1.5%.
  • To make the Party of Regions and the Communist Party annul their ballots thus causing re-elections – on the grounds that in the new parliament the Party of Regions will not be able to fulfil its pre-election pledges about the Russian language, the referendum about the language, electivity of the governors and NATO. New elections are to be held with the condition of total mobilization of the Eastern Ukraine. The focus should be on such politicians as Nestor Shufrych, Valerij Kaurov, Nikolai Levchenko, the secretary of the Donetsk municipal council – adequate radicals under Russia’s control.

Any third scenario will mean Ukraine joining NATO which is a disaster.

Approach to Lytvyn’s team

In the situation currently existing in Ukraine, we may use Lytvyn’s bloc as a foothold, as there are tools to influence this political power.

For example:

  1. Lytvyn’s close relative, Sergey Vladimirovich Tsygankov, financing several branches of the Ukrainian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate which display pro-Moscow views, first of all, the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods, is the character of principal interest.

Tsygankov used to work for the KGB of the USSR, during Ukraine’s independence he worked together with N. Azarov and General V. Samofalov for many years and established the Professional Fund. His wife is a close relative of Lytvyn. He brought Lytvyn to Patriarch Alexy on more than one occasion. His contact number is (050) 4225000.

  1. Mikhail Sirota. He became a MP on Lytvyn’s list. He is one of the authors and ideologists of the political reform and has worked with Moroz on this matter for many years.

  2. Vasily Khmelnytskiy, Director of Zaporizhstal JSC. He became a MP on the list of the Party of Regions, at the same time being a sponsor of Lytvyn’s Bloc. He used to invest into Alexey Kostusyev’s Soyuz Party.

The messages exchanged as early as in 2007 suggest that the primary goal of the Russian Federation has been splitting of Ukraine.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: grounds for splitting Ukraine

To: [email protected] [43]

In the current situation, escalation of the splitting of Ukraine is the solution. And the “orange” are providing an opportunity.

The Government of Ukraine is against the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) exhibition in Kiev

03.10.07 14:20

Kiev, October 03 (New Region, Anna Sergeeva) – The Government of Ukraine considers it unacceptable to open an exhibition dedicated to the members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army which fought against the Soviet troops in the Western Ukraine. The exhibition was to be opened on the territory of the Memorial Complex National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev. New Region was informed by Vice-Prime Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk.

“This decision is a mistake and an unnecessary politicization. It represents the opportunistic and groveling position of the museum director and entire management. There is a museum of the history of Ukraine where any views can be studied and any exhibitions may be held. While this is the museum of the Great Patriotic War” – he said.

“It will be improper for an Orthodox church to hold a Mohammedan service. It will be improper for Catholics to enter a synagogue. Catholics have roman catholic churches, the Orthodox – orthodox churches. Similarly, any moment in history should be respected. If Canada has a museum and collections related to OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists)-UPA, nobody is trying to hold exhibitions related to liberation movements of Fedorov, Saburov and Kovpak” – explained Tabachnyk.

As the New Region informed before, the Kiev Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War is planning to open an exhibition under the name “Ukrainian Insurgent Army: the Story of the Unbroken”. The exhibition is to open in compliance with the Decree of the President Victor Yushchenko and is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of UPA formation which will be celebrated on October 14.

In Crimea the so-called Russian Community of the Crimea is doing consistent work regularly reporting to Frolov about it. The main trends include promotion of the “Russian Crimea” idea, representing the Crimean Tatars and their leaders as enemies, effective engagement in an information war with the Ukrainian government. This is when the term “neo-Banderites” emerges – for example, is the statement of July 25, 2008 (zayavlenye-russkoj-obshhyny-kryma) [44], and in the report for July 2007 (otchyot-o-rabote-russkoj-obshhyny-kryma-za-yyul). [45]

In September 2008, the tools and some results of the information war are already visible (govoryat [46], kommunyst-o-rusofobyy-v-krymu) [47]. There are more than enough people willing to feed on the Russian budget under the pretext of resolving the non-existing Crimean problems. Thus, the suitable social organizations grow in number, hold conferences and congresses and compete with each other (unyzhennye-y-oskorblennye) [48].

Shortly before the celebration of the 1020th anniversary of Christianization of Rus, a rock tour was held in Ukraine. The headliners were Yuriy Shevchuk, Konstantin Kinchev and Viacheslav Butusov; the tour was complemented with sermons by deacon Andrey Kurayev. Frolov’s accounts of this campaign are full of excitement (sereznyj) [49]. In Chernihiv, the show was attended by 50 thousand people while Amvrosiy, Archbishop of Chernihiv, floated above in a hot-air balloon besprinkling them with Holy Water. But who footed the bill for all that? The Party of Regions did.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Rodina Odessa

To: Aleksandr [43] Aleksandrovich Vasil’ev <[email protected]>

At the moment the tour has been cancelled – the Party of Regions refused to pay for the second part. We have to do something.

E-mail [email protected] [50] – he is joining our correspondence.

Please give me Igor’s number once again.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Gorbal and Patriarch elections

To: [email protected]

Vasily Gorbal is a sponsor of the Missionary Rock Tour of deacon Andrey Kurayev together with Russian and Ukrainian rock musicians which was held from June till August and visited more than 20 cities of Ukraine. It ended on July 20 with a show in Kiev where Metropolitan Kirill addressed the 200-thousand audience. The ideology of the Missionary Tour with more than 3 million visitors from Ukraine was more than clear – “unacceptability of separation between the Ukrainian and Russian churches and of spiritual separation of Ukraine from Russia”.

This Missionary Tour became a significant event in the history of Ukraine and caused aggressive response from the presidential authorities of Ukraine who were looking for a way to have revenge upon Gorbal. The revenge was attempted through R. Akhmetov’s men in the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine in the form of an attempt to initiate a criminal case against V. Gorbal which brought him within an inch of resigning from the Party of Regions. This way, V. Gorbal became one of R. Akhmetov’s opponents and a supporter of the coalition of the Party of regions and Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc against Yushchenko.

Here everything is mixed up – Orthodox faith, politics, rock music. Dnepropetrovsk Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko ([email protected]) is slated to become the Ukrainian President’s confessor. This issue is managed by the deputies of the Russian State Duma and the staff of the Presidential Administration. They study the candidate’s bio (biografiq_prot-_evgeniq_maksimenko). [51]

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re[3]: your mail

To: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko <[email protected]>

After the 17th you will need to visit father Vsevolod Chaplin about all these matters.

Tell him that you have been blessed to become Yanek’s (Ed.: Yanukovych) confessor.


From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re:

To: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko <[email protected]>

Metropolitan Irenaeus has already received a call about your being blessed for providing spiritual guidance to Yanukovych. So, you can feel free to talk to Yanek about it. We will try higher-level calls as well. For that purpose, please provide your plan of working with Yanukovych based on his involvement in the Orthodox Russian cause – rock music concerts, bike festivals celebrating the 65th anniversary of freeing Ukraine from the Nazi (orange) occupants with attracting young people to the “National Anti-Orange Orthodox Front” at each concert and bike show.

Please send this plan together with your CV by tomorrow morning. It should contain the supporting rationale (what has to be done so that the Orthodox passion of the South-East outweighs the passion of the Banderites, therefore, we have to focus on the young people), the list of events in all cities. Kuraev is in this, too.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re[7]: your mail

To: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko <[email protected]>

Father Yevgeniy, we have done everything we can. The Department for Church and Society Relations called His Grace Irenaeus to inform him that the Church is extremely interested in your spiritual guidance to Yanukovych. So now go ahead and refer to the Department for Church and Society Relations in your communications with Yanukovych.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re[7]: your mail

To: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko <[email protected]>

This is why we need Yanukovych to join with Tihipko – to prevent Yulia from recruiting or luring Serezha (Tihipko).

For that you will be the instructor in asceticism, and the giver of penance, if needed, for lustful thoughts about Yulia.

And this is how one can use church in another country: Frolov recommends a priest to threaten the candidate for presidency with anathema to make him take the desired political decision.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re:

To: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko <[email protected]>

You will have to work with Tihipko to prevent him from going over to Yulia. Threaten him with anathema. You are not negligible. You are a heavyweight. Also, Yanek has to be brought to Agaphangel.

In 2012, Kirill threatened Yuriy Shevchuk with anathema for supporting Pussy Riot and then Archpriest Ye. Maksimenko became Hieromonk Vyacheslav and in 2015 appealed to Patriarch of Moscow Gundyayev (aka Kirill) to let the Ukrainian Church go. We see that these appeals were motivated by his personal experience of dependence.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re[2]: Father Yevgeniy! Congratulations on Epiphany!

To: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko <[email protected]>

—–Your power is hundred times mightier than that of all Tymoshenko’s demons. So, act.

Only you can arrange a meeting between Metropolitan Agaphangel and Yan (Yanukovych). So, act.

Only you can convert Tihipko. Once there is victory – there will be a meeting with the Patriarch. The closer you are to Yan and to Tihipko, the more realistic this meeting becomes.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re[5]: your mail

To: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko <[email protected]>

Please write an open letter to Tihipko as to your acquaintance. Make it pastoral.

Tymoshenko’s representative is Sergiy (Gorobtsov), false priest of the Kiev Patriarchate in Donetsk.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re:

To: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko <[email protected]>

I will work with Moscow while you should continue pressing Yan’s team – do not hesitate to use your tongue or your elbows.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: father Yevgeniy Maksimenko’s opinion

To: Birskiy <[email protected]>

—–Original Message—–

From: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko [email protected] [52]

To: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 20:54:07 +0300


And here Frolov who is persona non-grata in Ukraine is trying to resolve his own issue via father Yevgeniy who is under his control.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Re[3]: your mail

To: Archpriest Yevgeniy Maksimenko <[email protected]>

Not only to cancel my non-grata status but to engage me to the maximum as an expert with connections in Moscow.

They use cultural events to disguise political campaigns. For example, at the Great Russian Word festival political contacts are established including those to be used to support campaigns against Ukraine joining NATO, an appeal to the Bishops’ Council of the Russian Orthodox Church is planned (otchet-o-sytuatsyy-na-festyvale [53] (10.06.2008)).

In August 2008, Russia starts a war with Georgia, and the documents from Frolov’s mail show that this interstate conflict is regarded from the perspective of church interests. The reference is to Tskhinvali region (the so-called South Ossetia) and Abkhazia as well as to Ukraine (dyrektoru-ynstytuta-stran-sn1) [54], and there are plans to use organized groups of Orthodox believers for political purposes.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: fifth column

To: Birskiy <[email protected]>

An Orthodox, I repeat, Orthodox, meeting against the “fifth column” in Moscow supporting Saakashvili is necessary. Why Orthodox? Because L. Alekseeva is a famous anticlerical activist and a Moon’s Cult advocate. This is a trump card.

Seven people on the Red Square said “no” to Russian tanks in Georgia – three have been arrested.

Published at: 19:47

Last updated: 20:00

A pool of influence agents and people of political heft is being formed. These people are invited to various events in Russia. This pool includes Azarov, Kolesnichenko, Seminozhenko, Tabachnyk, Tsarev, Korolevska, etc. Also among the invited we can find Andrey Kulikov, who at that time was hosting one of political talk shows, a political scientist Mykhailo Pogrebinskiy as well as others involved in the Ukrainian political process (konferentsyya-24-sentyabrya-spysok-ukraynskyh-uchastnykov). [55]

Frolov is actively corresponding with Innokentiy Adyasov [56] ([email protected] [57]) a Russian political scientist, but on the topics related to the studies of Ukraine. The subject matter looks more like influencing the processes in a sovereign state and hybrid information warfare. By the way, Adyasov is still writing [58] for RIA News Ukraine.

At a higher level, Dmitry Tabachnyk takes part in the development of one of the components of the information warfare – preparation of the draft federal law “On Counteracting the Rehabilitation of Nazism, Nazi Criminals and Their Accomplices in New Independent States on the Territory of the Former USSR” (protokol-rabochej-gruppy-13-03-09-1). [59]

And here we see how Russian influence works in such specific area as science: as soon as Tabachnyk is appointed cabinet minister, he starts replacing the members of various expert councils with the help of Moscow and a quasi-Ukrainian political scientist working for him.

From: Kornilov Vladimir <[email protected]>

Subject: minister

To: [email protected]

CC: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19], goidenko <[email protected]>

Dear Konstantin Fedorovich!

Please be informed that I managed to speak to Dmytro Tabachnyk. He said that he knew about your calls, was awfully sorry for always being busy with meetings with the President, the Prime Minister and the Vice Prime Minister, and also assured me that will call you personally in the nearest future.

He asked me to help him compose a list of degree-bearing representatives of Ukrainian science of all academic areas, primarily, philologists and historians. He asks for adequate people without any nationalistic ideology to start urgently including them to the Higher Attestation Commission, various national expert commissions, academic boards, etc. (there is a lot of them).

I have already engaged Filatov, Malgin, Kudryavtseva, a number of Donetsk higher education institutions as well as our lawyers to start preparing their lists. If Moscow has such candidates, please let me know – lest we overlook somebody.

Frolov also goes as far as recommending a Prime Minister for Ukraine – N. Azarov.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: urgent KFZ

To: [email protected]

It would be logical if His Holiness Patriarch Kirill asked Yanukovych to appoint Nikolay Yanovich Azarov Prime Minister of Ukraine. His Holiness has known Azarov long and well and has met him more than once.



Victor Yanukovych stated that he was considering three candidates for Prime Minister – Azarov, Yatsenyuk and Tihipko.

Yatsenyuk is a Uniate. He spoke about it openly. Therefore, he is by no means acceptable.

Tihipko is a soap bubble, he got to the premier league for lack of other candidates. He opposed the status of the Russian language as the national language and also Ukraine joining the Customs Union together with Russia. Nikolay Azarov supported Ukraine joining the Customs Union with Russia  and the Common Economic Space for which he claims the authorship and which he calls “the project of his life”.

K. Frolov

Also he engages his mechanisms of influence to ensure his appointment.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: three votes are needed

To: lm lm [email protected] [12]

For Nikolay Azarov to be elected he needs three more votes. We have to help.

Frolov: “Consolidated position of the Russian side is D. Tabachnyk’s appointment Vice Prime Minister for Humanitarian Matters”.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: urgent KFZ

To: [email protected]

Important and urgent information

As I was confidentially informed by Metropolitan Agaphangel, many members of the Party of Regions tend to support A. Yatsenyuk as the Prime Minister as their price for the coalition and the dismissal of Tymoshenko. The Our Ukraine–People’s Self-Defense Bloc wants 14 slots in the new government, including those related to the humanitarian politics.

In this respect, it would be logical to ask Patriarch Kirill to ask V. Yanukovych for appointing N. Azarov Prime Minister. He will listen to the Patriarch. There is a reason – an Orthodox vs. an Uniate for the position of the Prime Minister, this causes dissent.

At the same time, Victor Yanukovych invited Metropolitan Agaphangel of Odessa for a separate meeting. Such trust-based relations should be used to the maximum both in the current situation and in general.

In addition, the consolidated position of the Russian side is D. Tabachnyk’s appointment Vice Prime Minister for Humanitarian Matters. In such conditions, pre-term elections to the Verkhovnaya Rada become a surer bet for Yanukovych than endless bondage.

At the same time, please be informed that Edinoe Otechestvo with Valeriy Kaurov at the lead has begun preparation for protests and mass street events in support of the Patriarch’s visit, as opposed to the dissenters’ provocations. Kaurov requests the informational go-ahead and the basic support of the Kiev authorities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


Who is A. Chalenko? Below you can see Frolov’s opinion.

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: editor-in-chief of the Segodnya newspaper is our man

To: Andrey Novikov [email protected] [60]

09.03.2010 09:31 – Aleksandr Chalenko

Today, Ukrayinska Pravda published Aleksandr Chalenko’s blog containing a serious attack on Hanna Herman. Chalenko is a journalist close to Boris Kolesnikov, is a semi-official voice of the team of the Party of Regions during this elections campaign and his blog was used to leak information which Kolesnikov and Akhmetov wanted to become public knowledge but could not use mass media for that. This is why Chalenko’s blatant attack on Herman seems rather curious. It probably means that there is a fierce struggle within the Party of Regions against Herman’s influence on Yanukovych in respect of the “Banderite” decrees.

On April 20, 2010, Victor Yanukovych appointed Vasyl Gorbal head of Lviv regional administration and in view of this fact Frolov composes a material on Orthodox Missionary Politics and Orthodox politicians (pravoslavnaya-myssyonerskaya-polytyka-y-pravoslavnye-polytyky). [61]

From: Kirill Frolov <[email protected]> [19]

Subject: Gorbal

To: Sergey Stepanov <[email protected]>

Orthodox Missionary Politics and Orthodox politicians-missionaries

Kirill Frolov

Appointment of Vasyl Gorbal, friend of Dmytro Tabachnyk hated by the Banderites, the governor of Lviv is a powerful and smart move by Victor Yanukovych and at the same time, true missionary discipline on the part of the President of Ukraine. Vasyl Gorbal’s task is changing the perception of the capital of “Banderostan”. And there is a lot to change. There used to be great tradition by Galician Moscow-philes, zealots of the Orthodox faith. And Vasyl Gorbal, member of the Inter-Synodic Tribunal of the Russian Orthodox Church, is the man for this task.

It was Vasyl Gorbal who organized the famous super-effective missionary rock tour honoring the 1020th anniversary of Christianization of Rus which was visited by over 3 million people. The tour was a great success in Lviv, so it would be logical to make its participants (father Andrey Kuraev, father Yevgeniy Maksimenko, Yuriy Shevchuk, members of the Brothers Karamazov band) his advisors. So, the Galician Orthodox Russophile movement revived by Vasyl Gorbal with the help of Orthodox missionary rock…


To be continued…

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