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Help InformNapalm volunteer beat cancer!

We need your support! Help InformNapalm volunteer beat cancer!

For 4 years in a row we have been helping the world learn about Russian creeping aggression. We sifted through terabytes of data, analyzed thousands of photos and Social Media posts, and dug through tons of junk to find a kernel of truth. Whenever you needed credible information about the war in Ukraine you could rely on our website. It has always been there for you.

You never knew who was taking care of the website behind the scene, but it was up and running. That’s all that matters, right? Yet, just recently Volodymyr Kolesnikov – our webmaster and the most devoted volunteer in our team – was diagnosed with cancer. Given his condition, doctor recommended an urgent oncotomy. Right now Volodymyr is recovering after the surgery while waiting for tests results before the first chemo session.

Cancer treatment is very expensive, but we know that Volodymyr can count on your support. He has been helping all those years, and now it’s time for all of us to offer him our help in return. We need his knowledge and expertise. We want to see his concentration when he is trying to add some new code to our website. We want to hear him swearing during yet another DDoS attack on informnapalm.org [1]. But above all we want him to keep smiling to his family, to keep loving, to keep living.

Make your donation to save Volodymyr!

PayPal: [email protected]
Please, specify that your donation is for Volodymyr from InformNapalm.

PrivatBank card account (for transfers in UAH) 5169 3600 0268 7493 – Volodymyr Kolesnikov.