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InformNapalm Has Preliminary Identified a Pilot of Downed Su-24 (18+)

InformNapalm volunteer group has conducted a preliminary identification of one of the pilots of Su-24 bomber downed today by the Turkish air forces.

Our sources in the Syrian opposition say that one of Su-24 aircraft’s pilots died and the other one was captured. Two Russian search and rescue helicopters worked in the crash area, but they had to retreat and return to the base because of the ground fire.

According to the preliminary estimates, major Rumyantsev Sergei Aleksandrovich [1] can be the dead pilot – the pilot of Su-24M with serial No. 0715323 from the 6980th guards air base of the 1st rank (military unit No. 69806, airfield Shagol, Chelyabinsk, Russia). The comparison was carried out based on the Twitter message [2] (archive [3]) and photos from InformNapalm‘s database.

We have already written about Rumyantsev and other Russian pilots who participate in hostilities in Syria. In particular, Rumyantsev was mentioned in our story from October 15, 2015: “InformNapalm’s Ultimatum to the Russian Military Authorities in Action – Shelling The Ukrainian and Syrian Civilians Must Be Paid [4]


We’d like to remind you that we have published “Syria. Kremlin’s War Criminals – Infographics of Russian Air Force Officers’ Disclosure [6]” infographics.

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Original article [8] translated by Stepan Grishin