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InformNapalm’s Hard Look Set On Fire ‘Zhitel’ in Donbas

According to media, the Ukrainian soldiers found positions of the Russian intruders and destroyed them with fire of 82mm mortars. In the result of the successful operation carried out on March 31 – April 1 in Yasynuvata area, the following targets were shelled: ‘Zhitel’ electronic warfare complex and ‘Giatsint’ 152mm howitzer battery of the Russian occupants (all details, photo and video are available on Censor.net [1]).

obnar [2]

It should be recalled that the newest ‘Zhitel’ electronic jamming station has been recently taken in service by the Russian armed forces. Initially it was found in Donbas by the InformNapalm international volunteer community back in 2015. Our OSINT investigators have spotted this complex for several times since that time. One cannot exclude that the Ukrainian military officials considered the information gathered by InformNapalm while tracking the Russian jamming station. Our readers used to joke that this ‘Zhitel’ station “must have been signed off to InformNapalm”, since it comes into the view of our OSINT experts so often.”

Moreover we should also admit that InformNapalm’s volunteers have disclosed Russian ‘Giatsint-B’ howitzers at the borders with Ukraine being transferred to Donbas back in March of 2015 (refer to “Gruesome-twosome BAZ-6303 and Giatsint-B at the Ukrainian Border [3]“).

Giacint [4]

Here are links to our earlier investigations about ‘Zhitel’ complex:



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Original article [12] translated by Stepan Grishin