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Insider information: Russia’s action plan to create a system of control over economic and political processes in Ukraine

InformNapalm international intelligence community received a document through insider channels, which, according to our sources, was circulated through high-ranking closed channels on the eve of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We publish this material for your information and review. At the moment, we do not have the resources to conduct an in-depth analysis of this document titled Plan of Action for the establishment of a control system over the economic and political processes in Ukraine. However, it could be useful for other journalists and analysts as part of the overall jigsaw puzzle of the failed Russian plans for Ukraine.

These plans are failing due to the resilience of Ukrainian people and strength of their resistance, the mastery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the support of all the people of good will who help us prevent the implementation of such plans.

We have converted this document into the Google doc [1] format to let our readers view it safely without having to download it.

Also, for the convenience of viewing and translation, we publish the full text of the document.

Plan of Action for the establishment of a control system  over the economic and political processes in Ukraine

Banking system

  1. Establishing control over the National Bank of Ukraine and suspending operations on money withdrawal, imposition of currency control.
  2. Establishing external monitoring over commercial banks to prevent asset embezzlement and transfer of depositors’ funds abroad.
  3. Safeguarding banks’ storage facilities in order to prevent looting cases.
  4. Connecting banks to the Russian inter-bank data exchange, payments and settlements.
  5. Introduction of 100 per cent repatriation and compulsory sale of foreign exchange earnings of exporters to the National Bank.
  6. Termination of currency exchange operations (excluding payments for received import), freezing of all foreign currency deposits.
  7. Introduction of bank holidays in order to prevent withdrawal of assets.
  8. Introduction of a moratorium on: servicing and repayment of foreign loans, transfer of profits from enterprises and property income abroad, export of capital.
  9. Introduction of external management in banks that stop servicing the population and issuing deposits.
  10. Introduction of temporary moratorium on currency exchange operations, except for the current trading operations of legal entities.


  1. Renewal of railway communication between Ukrainian cities and Russia.
  2. Establishing control over air navigation and organize a Russian-Ukrainian airline for regular air traffic.
  3. Port nationalization.
  4. Ensuring smooth operation of railway transport.


  1. Establish control over nuclear power plants, restore normal operation on Russian fuel elements.
  2. Nationalization of electric grids and strategic electricity generation facilities: hydroelectric power stations, large thermal power stations.
  3. Establishing control over the natural gas transmission system of Ukraine.

Trade, logistics, industrial agriculture

  1. Safeguarding large trading hubs / shopping centers, food bases, grain storages; nationalization of the latter.
  2. Introduction of a temporary card system for the distribution of basic food supplies among the population in need, with the establishment of pools of interested producers.
  3. Ensuring oil and fuel, fertilizers, seeds for the planting season.
  4. Temporary freezing of prices on basic agricultural goods and food commodities.

Social sphere

  1. Freezing tariffs on housing and communal services.
  2. Ensuring the normal functioning of public transport.
  3. Denazification of the education system:

– the removal and destruction of all educational literature distorting history, promoting Nazism and Russophobia;

– restoration of compulsory Russian language and literature classes in schools;

– organization of training courses for secondary-school and high-school teachers in humanitarian disciplines (those who refuse to do so are to be discharged);

– significant increase of the quotas for admission of Ukrainian applicants to Russian universities.

  1. Granting the Russian language the status of the state language, along with Ukrainian.
  2. Ensure the normal functioning of hospitals and polyclinics with the preservation of free medical care with guaranteed coverage of the deficit of funds at the expense of the state budget.

Foreign trade

  1. Promoting Ukraine’s membership in the Eurasian Economic Union:

– carrying out economic impact calculations;

– legal analysis;

– justification of Ukraine’s withdrawal from its Association with the EU (economic and legal findings on non-legitimacy);

– development of a road map for accession.

  1. Lifting of mutual economic sanctions.
  2. Re-establishment of free trade.
  3. Resumption of co-operative relations.
  4. Imposing a ban on the export of grain and other critical goods to ensure food security.

Fiscal sphere

  1. Inclusion of a limited emission financing regime for the state budget deficit.
  2. Revision of the state budget for 2022 with zeroing of expenditures on defense, state security, functioning of the Constitutional Court, Verkhovna Rada, functioning of the Foreign Ministry and diplomatic representations of Ukraine abroad.
  3. Monitoring tax payments of structure-forming / important enterprises, excises and VAT; temporary exemption from taxation of enterprises which were destroyed or suspended their activities due to military actions.

Political and legal support

  1. Dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, the Government, the Constitutional Court and possibly the Supreme Court as illegitimate bodies after the usurpation of power through an anti-constitutional coup d’état in 2014
  2. Recognition of all legislative acts adopted after the coup d’état in 2014 invalid if they contradict the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, which had been in force until February 21, 2014
  3. Maintaining the legitimacy of local self-government bodies elected directly by the population. Transfer powers of regional state administrations to local self-government bodies, with the dissolution and liquidation of the former.
  4. Delegation (by local self-government bodies) of people’s representatives to participate in the Constitutional Assembly to draft the new Constitution of Ukraine, with a national referendum afterwards.
  5. Option. Hold referendums (organized by local self-government bodies) on the secession of respective regions from Ukraine. The creation of Federations of such areas with the participation of the LDPR.

Property relations

  1. Seizure of assets of the persons accused and suspected of crimes.
  2. Freezing of assets owned by U.S. and NATO residents, as well as offshore zones.
  3. External supervision over structure-forming and strategically important enterprises, with the aim of controlling asset preservation and ensuring good management.
  4. Introduction of external management on enterprises owned by persons whose assets have been seized or frozen or which have been left without director generals.
  5. Introduction of external management on military industrial complex, nuclear power and industry, as well as metallurgical, chemical and other industries which pose a threat to the environment and the population.

Transitional administration

Prior to the constitutional reform, the elections to the Verkhovna Rada and the formation of a legitimate government, provisional authorities should be established. It is proposed to retain local self-government bodies and district courts on the basis of existing ones. Transitional public authorities should be formed in the order as follows:

  1. Within a week, hold an election to the local self-government bodies of the liberated towns / cities (the former national authorities that were formed after the 2014 coup are to be found non-legitimate) and elect representatives to the People’s Assembly, that will convene to form new national executive bodies and draft the new Constitution.
  2. Form the People’s Self-Government Committee at the first meeting of the People’s Assembly, which will be entrusted to perform the functions of the Ukrainian government until the election of the Verkhovna Rada takes place.
  3. The People’s Self-Government Committee (KNS) is to appoint the ministers (except for the ministers of security forces and the foreign minister, who are to be eliminated), heads of departments, the National Bank of Ukraine, directors of structure-forming, strategically significant and environmentally hazardous enterprises (that will have external management).

4.The KNS appoints the acting heads of regional administrations, whose functions will be limited to ensuring law and order as well as the operation of regional life support systems, fiscal and other republican bodies.

  1. Police units and the support systems of towns / cities will be transferred to local self-government bodies.
  2. In Donetsk and Odessa, people’s tribunals – that will review the committed crimes against humanity, war crimes, political repressions, acts of genocide on the territory of LDPR and Ukraine, respectively – will be launched. The members of the tribunals shall be appointed via a general public assembly; charges shall be passed on to courts located in the areas where the crimes had been committed.
  3. The People’s Assembly will impose a moratorium – for any leadership positions and participation in elections – on persons who participated in the 2014 coup and then worked for state authorities and law enforcement agencies, as well as those who are accused or suspected of committing crimes.
  4. The martial law, introduced by Zelensky, will be maintained until the election of a new Verkhovna Rada. Representatives of the Russian armed forces, stationed in the respective localities, are to monitor the observance of martial law.
  5. At the request of the population of Ukraine’s liberated regions, referendums will be held on secession and the creation of sovereign people’s republics.

In the future, they can unite to form new state entities (Novorossiya, Malorossiya, Slobozhanshchina …) or rejoin Russia (the reserve option).


We trust our source who transmitted this plan, but we leave it up to each reader to critically assess and evaluate any information that has not been subjected to classic three steps of verification from various sources or is not based on OSINT method.

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