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A Marine from the Russian 810th Brigade Disclosed Location of a Stronghold in Syria

Conducting new investigation on open source data, our volunteers have found the social profile of Nikita Gorevoy, a renegade marine from the 810th separate marine brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet (military unit No. 13140, Sevastopol, occupied Crimea). This serviceman recently disclosed location of a Russian stronghold 7 km away from their base in Syria. 

Analysis of the VKontakte profile (archive [1]) brought light into the personality of renegade serviceman Nikita Gorevoy. Before the annexation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation, he swore a military oath of loyalty to the Ukrainian people – but now Nikita serves Russia’s interests and executes criminal orders of the Kremlin in Syria.

These are photos from Gorevoy’s profile take during the period of his loyalty to Ukraine.

Selection_014 [2]Selection_015 [3]Selection_016 [4]

The following pictures show him as a serviceman of the Russian 810th marine brigade.

14 [5]15 [6]

Selection_017 [7]

Attitude to traitors and deserters in the Russian Armed Forces is dismissive. These are photos from the ‘Me and my grunt’ series – Nikita Gorevoy plays a role of ‘grunt’ for the Russian marines.

Apparently, the traitors and renegades get the privilege to be sent in the vanguard of ‘cannon fodder’ for the implementation of the Kremlin’s adventures in Syria.

Nikita Gorevoy also got ‘a lucky ticket to Syria’, where he already succeeded in leaving traces and leaking of the information regarding the location of a stronghold of the Russian forces established in 7.5 km from the Hmeymim airbase. These are the approximate coordinates of the stronghold – 35°24’32.5″N 36°01’48.7″E (map [8]).

Selection_008 [9]Selection_011 [10]

Selection_021 [11]

This picture was also saved in ‘favourites’ of Svetlana Gorevaya (Chemeris), the marine’s mother. It seems that she is very proud of the fact that her son went to kill the Syrians.

12 [12]

The original picture on Nikita’s page has an interesting comment written by his friends – ‘Syrian maniac ))‘. Gorevoy’s reply is ‘Definitely, on safari )))‘.

13 [13]

The marine, who can now gain the ‘double traitor’ nomination, uploaded a picture with a geotag which points us to a spot near the stronghold identified earlier.

Selection_022 [14]

Thanks to Gorevoy, it turned out that the deployment of the Russian marines from the Hmeymim airbase to the stronghold was done by a Mi-8 helicopter.

Selection_018 [15]

After the end of the ‘Syrian trip’ the marines were brought home by Il-76MD aircraft (tail No. ‘RA-76763’, serial No. ‘0073480413’).

Selection_007 [16]Selection_023 [17]

It is interesting that Nikita on his social profile actively echoes the Russian propaganda stating that ‘Turkey is an accomplice of terrorism’. Such a substitution of moral orientations with labeling everybody around a ‘terrorist’ and believing that Russia is ‘peacemaker’ is common for the Russian soldiers. Probably, it helps to remove the psychological barriers after execution of clearly criminal orders which have led to death of hundreds of innocent people.

9 [18]

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Original article [31] by Mikhail Kuznetsov [32], translated by Stepan Grishin