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Hacktivists Broke Into a Server of the Russian Ministry of Defense Department

Ukrainian hacktivists from FalconsFlame [1], Trinity [2], Ruh8 [3]and CyberJunta [4]cyber alliance have successfully conducted the operation on hacking the document server of the Russia’s MoD Government Defense Order Procurement Department. As a result, they have obtained documents with data on government defense contracts to be completed by the end of 2015.

According to cyber activists, to a great extent the operation became successful thanks to negligence of Russian Counter Admiral Andrey Vernigora. Hacktivists sent obtained data to InformNapalm team for analysis.

InformNapalm volunteers have processed the documents and put them into a table with the following parameters: Contractor, Contractor’s TIN, Contract Number, Contract Term, Contract Description and Amount Payable. This publication will not become a groundbreaking discovery, yet, we have a goal to inform the international community about the plans for defense procurement of the invader country that is also a sponsor of global terrorism

A quick reminder: the defense spending budget of the Russian Federation amounted to 2.501 trillion rubles in 2014 and 3.078 trillion rubles in 2015. The Russian Ministry of Defense planned [5]to spend over half of the 2015 budget, i.e. about 1.74 trillion rubles, on purchasing new weapons. It is obvious that the documents given to InformNapalm for analysis reveal only a small portion of the defence spending budget with regard to purchasing new weapons, ans still they are quite informative. To download the file follow this link [6].

The contracts on purchase of new weapons, equipment and arms components:

Original article [8] was prepared by the volunteer of InformNapalm international community Mikhail Kuznetsov [9] based on data obtained by cyber activists.

Translated by Victoria Batarchuk [10]

Edited by Christina Dobrovolska

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