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Militant from Vostok Battalion Posted Selfie with Russian Automated Jamming Station

Separatist militant from Makeevka is currently ’employed’ by the Vostok Battalion, loves posting his photos online and is related to protecting or managing R-330Zh ‘Zhitel’ Automated Jamming Station.

ZlQkxZ6DgTo3 [1]

2015-06-29_110252 [2]  2015-06-29_110204 [3]
2015-06-29_105446 [4] 2015-06-29_110430 [5]  2015-06-29_110352 [6]

Original photos (VK photo cache might be cleansed by FSB after this publication goes online): 1 [7], 2 [8], 3 [9], 4 [10], 5 [11], 6 [12].

Our colleagues did some geolocation work on the photos above and determined the exact spot [13] where this photo was made.

житель-карта [14]

житель-карта-здание [15]

Following are the photos, based on which we conclude that this militant is related to Vostok battalion.

2015-06-30_134508 [16] 2015-06-29_110648-2 [17] 2015-06-29_110606 [18]

More info on R-330Zh ‘Zhitel’ Automated Jamming Station:

Station can perform discovery, direction finding and frequency jamming for satellite phones like Inmarsat and Iridium as well as conventional GSM 1900 mobile phones and NAVSTAR (GPS) receivers.  The device can function autonomously and in matched pair, as the master device or as slave device mastered by R-330KMK. The station is capable to completely suppress the radio signal within 20—30 kilometers radius.

The station kills entire frequency range, including the friendly transmissions. Therefore, before its launch a notification of complete radio silence and turning off of all the radio emitting equipment is broadcasted. The electronic protection systems cannot detect the station after it is turned on because it will simply suppress the signal of EP devices. If the enemy uses beam riding guidance missiles against R-330Zh, the station uses its own radio interference devices to lure the missiles out.

Power supply source with the transmitting block:

0_6d468_126642af_XL [19]

A truck, carrying personnel and receivers:

0_6d46d_253ac429_XL [20]

Can ‘ordinary coal miners and former truck drivers’ really use such a sophisticated equipment?

Original publication by @BuTaJIu4eK [21] and InformNapalm [22] team, based on OSINT research by @GirkinGirkin [23], translated by Gennadiy Kornev.