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#NATONoFlyZone over Ukraine immediately! Please sign a Petition!

Russian attack against Ukraine is a war against all of us. Against international law, rule based world order and our way of living. Every state, every organization, every person must act. The Russia should face the consequences of this invasion and aggression. We must help Ukrainians, not just with declarations and words of support. We must help them to defend themselves, and we must help to stop Russian killers.

Russian troops attacked the Zaporizhzhya nuclear station!

“Europeans, please wake up. Tell your politicians – Russian troops are shooting at a nuclear power plant in Ukraine,” Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in a video address [1].

How many innocent people need to be killed to impose a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine?

NATO should stop bloodshed without any delays.

#NATONoFlyZone over Ukraine immediately! 


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