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Netherlands Police Seeks Help in Investigation of Terrorist Attack that Destroyed Boeing-777 in the Skies over Ukraine

Ukraine is fully open to the international cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Ukraine, unlike the Russian Federation does not seek to hide the facts and evidence related to the activity of pro-Russian terrorists operating in the east of the country, in particular, in Donbas. That is why we invite all potential witnesses of the terrorist act that destroyed the passenger aircraft Boeing-777 to respond to the call of the Police of Netherlands to share information (photos and videos) related to the plane crash.

To post the information please follow this link: http://www.politie.nl/MH17 [1]

Recall that the Boeing-777 of Malaysia Airlines was downed on July 17 at 16:20. There were 298 people onboard: 15 crew members and 283 passengers. There were 192 citizens of Netherlands (one of them had dual citizenship – the U.S.), 44 citizens of Malaysia (including 15 crew members), 27 citizens of Australia, 12 citizens of Indonesia, 10 citizens of the Great Britain (one of them had dual citizenship – South Africa), 4 citizens of Germany, 4 citizens of Belgium, 3 citizens of the Philippines, one citizen of Canada and one citizen of New Zealand.

This international crime must not go unpunished.