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New Russian 2B26 Grad launch rocket system in Donbas

Photos and videos of military maneuvers in Donbas filmed by Russian propagandists and the militants themselves sometimes show interesting examples of heavy Russian weapons and equipment that could enter the combat zone exclusively from the Russian Federation.

This photo, which was posted in February 2016 (archive [1]) on the page of Dizel Tank Battalion  (military unit 08810) of the 1st Army Corps of the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas, shows a Russian 2B26 Grad MLRS on KamAZ-5350 6×6 military truck. It entered service in the Russian army in 2012.


Let us remind you that in February 2016, observers from InformNapalm international intelligence community also filmed two Russian 2B26 Grad systems [3] and determined their exact coordinates in Donetsk Oblast: 47°58’14.5″N 38°40’09.0″E.

We continue to document [4] the facts of supply of Russian weapons and equipment to the combat zone in the Donbas. In 2014-2020, InformNapalm’s OSINT investigations identified more than 2,630 Russian servicemen from 101 units of Russian Armed Forces, as well as 51 types of Russian weapons and equipment that were secretly supplied to the Donbas from Russia.

Russian RB-341V Leer-3 systems [5], which are also built on the basis of KamAZ-5350 6×6 trucks, have been repeatedly spotted in the combat zone in eastern Ukraine.

On November 8, the newest Russian Navodchik-2 system [6] was spotted 12 km from the combat line at approximate coordinates: 48°31’40.2″N 39° 24’01.6″E. It is designed to perform reconnaissance and special tasks, in particular, to find coordinates of targets for artillery and MLRS battalions. The control station of the Navodchik-2 system is built on the basis of another modification of the KamAZ truck: KamAZ-4350, wheel formula 4×4.

The difference is shown in the drawing below.


On December 3 and 4, 2020, the Russian occupation forces once again violated the terms of the Minsk agreements and used heavy artillery [8] and mortars in the Donbas.

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