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Newest Russian equipment in Donbas in aerial photo (photo and coordinates)

InformNapalm international intelligence community, in response to gross violations by Russian occupation forces of the conditions of admission of international observers to certain objects in the Donbas, is publishing a new exclusive photo with direct evidence of the presence of the latest Russian military equipment in the occupied areas of the Donbas. We draw the attention of journalists, politicians and diplomats to the need for a consolidated strengthening of international pressure on the Russian Federation, so that the aggressor will start fulfilling the obligations to fully withdraw its military personnel, mercenaries, weapons, and equipment from the territory of Ukraine. This is the most important condition for achieving true, not imaginary, peace. No other “platforms of reconciliation”, “elections” in the occupied regions or attempts to recognize the Russian puppet terrorist groups as a legitimate side in  peace talks are aimed at achieving true peace, but are aimed only at deepening and cementing threats to Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

On March 20, InformNapalm international intelligence community published an analysis of the obstruction of the OSCE SMM by the Russia in the Donbas during the first quarter of 2020 [1] . Numerous cases of blocking international observers’ admission into the occupied territory of the Donbas were presented in the publication. This material also demonstrated systematic violations by Russian-controlled armed forces that sought to hide Russian weapons and military equipment from observers. As a result of the analysis, our volunteers concluded that the OSCE drones are more effective in recording violations in the occupied territories than the patrols. The drones, though subject to periodic interference from the newest Russian systems of electronic warfare, more often identify unique models of Russian weaponry [2] which can be operated exclusively by personnel of the Russian Armed Forces.

On March 22, 2020, a new OSCE Report 2/2020 [3] was released in which observers noted that on March 21 and 22, members of the pro-Russian armed forces denied SMM patrols passage at checkpoints in Donetsk Oblast. Due to these restrictions, the freedom of movement of the Mission across the contact line in Donetsk Oblast was completely restricted, which impeded the implementation of the Mission’s mandate.

This once again demonstrates the aggressive intentions of the Russian Federation which tries to conceal the movement of weapons and military equipment in the occupied territory of Ukraine.

In turn, InformNapalm international intelligence community has received, through its own channels, a new visual confirmation of the presence of the latest Russian systems of EW in the Donbas. Today, we present an aerial photograph which complements the text of OSCE SMM Report No. 60/20 from March 12, 2020 [4] regarding three modern Russian electronic warfare systems: RB-341V Leer-3, R-934B Sinitsa and RB-636 Svet-KU.

Photo analysis

InformNapalm volunteers have analyzed the obtained aerial photograph: they determined the exact geolocation of the place in the photograph and compared the images of the spotted EW equipment with photos available on the Internet. All the EW stations captured in the photo are in the stowed position (not deployed).

The characteristic angles of the roofs of buildings allowed us to determine the exact coordinates of this place: 48 ° 31’41.2 ″ N 39 ° 21’24.2 ″ E. [5] We also include a screenshot from Google Earth for comparison.

Here is an enlarged image of the RB-636 Svet-KU from the aerial phono (Left). Right: photo for comparison.

Here is a photo of this system in Luhansk in 2016. It was presented and analyzed in the article Svet-KU – Another Novel Russian EW system in Luhansk [6].

The OSCE SMM report mentions an R-934B Sinitsa system. Analazing details of the vehicle in the photo, there is a reason to believe that this is a modification of the R-934BMV jamming station Borisoglebsk-2 which has also been repeatedly spotted in the Donbas.

Right: enlarged image from the aerial photo. Left: photo for comparison.

Recently, we wrote about the RB-341V Leer-3 Russian system in Luhansk Oblast in the second part of the article [2]. InformNapalm volunteers have repeatedly spotted this system in the Donbas [7] since 2015.

In the upper right corner of the photo, on the roof of the building, you can see an antenna of a radio bearing system. We were not able to identify the exact antenna’s type, though it is very similar to the ARK-PP4 [8] Russian antenna system which has a full range of functions.

Left: enlarged image of the antenna from the aerial photo (top view). Right: photo for comparison (side view).

Comparing different satellite images from this location, InformNapalm volunteers noticed that this antenna had appeared on the roof of the building since at least 2016. And from time to time there are numbers of KAMAZ military trucks near this building on satellite images.

The fresh shot taken by a drone also shows a group of people in uniform and three cars. It is possible that the UAV was able to capture Russian military commanders who arrived in the specified area to test equipment or to give orders to crews.

We turn to eyewitnesses who may have accidentally filmed license plates of these vehicles on March 10, 2020 in the designated area, or who have other information that may facilitate the identification of Russian servicemen. Post your info to InformNapalm on Facebook [9] or Twitter [10]


Previously, the newest Russian military equipment in the Donbas has been repeatedly captured in aerial photos taken by UAV. InformNapalm international intelligence community appeals to Ukrainian and foreign diplomats, journalists and politicians to pay greater attention to the facts of the permanent military presence of the Russia in the Donbas. This information should be used to increase international pressure on the Russian Federation, to introduce additional economic sanctions to force the military-political leadership of Russia and Vladimir Putin personally to fulfill the obligations under the Minsk agreements to withdraw Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine.

[11]Translated by Svitlana Kemblowski. Distribution and reprint with reference to the source is welcome! (Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0) InformNapalm social media pages: Facebook [12] / Тwitter  [13]Telegram. [14]