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Another Dataset of Russian Officers, Whose Wings Participate in Punitive Operations in Syria

Responding to the continuous provocations of the united Russian-separatist forces in Donbas and bombing the peaceful Syrian towns and villages, InformNapalm volunteer community publishes another portion of the information about the Russian air forces’ crews which supposedly take part in the Kremlin’s military adventure in the Middle East.

Aljazeera [1] and other sources [2] have reported that Russia’s air-space forces conducted an airstrike on the market in Ariha town in Idlib province on November 29, killing about 40 citizens (video 18+: 1 [3], 2 [4]). Anadolu agency [5] reports that the same day Russians destroyed the bakery of the Turkish charity organization in Saraqib area (Idlib province).

Screenshot [6]

This is InformNapalm’s answer to the Russian provocations and airstrikes – another dataset, which contains information about the Russian air forces’ officers whose crews participate in the punitive missions in Syria:

  1. The 6950th guards airbase (Engels, Saratov Oblast) – Tu-160 and Tu-95MS aircrafts of this unit has struck the Syrian territory with Kh-55SM, Kh-555 and Kh-101 cruise missiles.

Deputy commander of the air group –  guards lieutenant-colonel Aleksandr Khabarov

Selection_011 [9]
Tu-95MS ‘Vorkuta’ (tail No. ‘RF-94127’) crew commander – guards major Oleg Stegachev

Selection_012 [10]
Tu-95MS ‘Vorkuta’ (tail No. ‘RF-94127’) crew member – guards captain Aleksei Kushlyansky

Selection_013 [11]

Tu-95MS ‘Vorkuta’ (tail No. ‘RF-94127’) crew member – guards captain Ivan Gromyko

Selection_014 [12]
Tu-95MS ‘Izborsk’ (tail No. ‘RF-94117’) crew commander – guards major Aleksei Pechkarev

Selection_017 [13]
Tu-95MS ‘Izborsk’ (tail No. ‘RF-94117’) crew member – guards senior lieutenant Ravkat Yusupov

Selection_019 [14]

Tu-95MS ‘Krasnoyarsk’ (tail No. ‘RF-94123’) crew commander – guards major Ilya Evstegneev

Selection_020 [17]
Tu-95MS ‘Krasnoyarsk’ (tail No. ‘RF-94123’) instructor – lieutenant-colonel Vladimir Lekhachev

Tu-95MS ‘Krasnoyarsk’ (tail No. ‘RF-94123’) navigator – guards major Sergei Kiselev [18]

СергейКиселев [19]
Tu-95MS ‘Krasnoyarsk’ (tail No. ‘RF-94123’) second navigator – guards lieutenant Vladimi Budekin [20]

ВладимирБудекин [21]
Tu-95MS ‘Krasnoyarsk’ (tail No. ‘RF-94123’) board systems officer – guards lieutenant Andrei Sizov [22]

АндрейСизов [23]Tu-95MS ‘Krasnoyarsk’ (tail No. ‘RF-94123’) weaponry officer – warrant officer Sergei Orlov

Tu-95MS ‘Krasnoyarsk’ (tail No. ‘RF-94123’) aerial engineer – guards senior lieutenant Artur Bukharov

Commander of the operational department of the wing – guards captain Sergei Kosarev

Selection_016 [24]
Engineer – guards captain Sergei Chekmarev

Selection_015 [25]

2. The 960th assault aviation regiment (Primorsko-Akhtarks, Krasnodar krai) – Su-25 aircrafts

This aviation unit takes part in support missions for the ground operation of the Russian forces and the Syrian army of Bashar al-Assad.

The following officers have been identified based on the Russian propaganda footages by ‘Mir’, ‘Zvezda’ and ‘Rossiya 1’ channels:

Oleg Yanchuk [26] (archive [27])


Ivan Baturin [28] (archive [29])

Selection_025 [30]
Vitaly Leontyev [31] (archive [32])

Selection_026 [33]
Dmitry Gavrilkin [31] (archive [32])

Selection_027 [34]

Sergei Nozdrachev [35]  (archive [36])

Selection_028 [37]

Vladimir Usov [38] (archive [39])

Selection_029 [40]
Mikhail Kondratyev [28] (archive [29])

Selection_030 [41]
Evgeny Menshikov [42] (archive [43])

Selection_031 [44]

(CC BY 4.0 [45])

Original article [46] by Mikhail Kuznetsov [47], translated by Stepan Grishin