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Russia begins 2022 with air strikes on civilian infrastructure in Syria (Photos)

The Russian Federation began 2022 with air strikes on civilian infrastructure in Syria. The probable goal of such actions is to deepen a humanitarian crisis and to continue to force people to flee the war zone to other countries creating new waves of migration. According to Turkish media, on January 2, at 12:45 pm, a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber that belongs to the Russian Air Force bombed several towns and a main water pumping station supplying water to the city of Idlib in Syria. As a result of the bombing, the water pumping station became completely inoperable.

Photo: Safi Al-Hamam [1]

It will be recalled that at the end of 2021, InformNapalm volunteer intelligence community pointed out that Russian airplanes continued airstrikes in Syria [2] provoking new waves of refugees to the EU.

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