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Russian SPR-2M Rtut-BM jammer in Donetsk (coordinates)

On August 16, InformNapalm published an investigation [1] with the first photo evidence confirming multiple reports of the presence of the Russian SPR-2M Rtut-BM jammer system in Donbas.

The readers of informnapalm.org contributed to the investigation helping us to define the exact location of the SPR-2M Rtut-BM station. The photos were found to have been made in Donetsk, in the area of Topaz plant (48.0302113, 37.7560857 [2]).

The geo referencing was performed by Oles Kolomiets. [3]

13938140_1767413856805321_4539826392551164139_o [4]

Having analyzed the satellite images from open sources, InformNapalm volunteers also confirmed the location of theSPR-2M Rtut-BM station at the ruined building.

Here are the satellite images in chronological order from 2015.


2015.02.21 [5]

2015.03.24 [6]

2015.04.27 [7]

06/07/2015 – it is worth reminding that, the photo from the social network was published on July 24, 2015.
Red arrow indicates the SPR-2M Rtut-BM station.
2015.06.07 [8]

2015.08.05 [9]

2015.09.17 [10]

2015.09.26 [11]

10/01/2015 – this is the last picture in which the SPR-2M Rtut-BM is visible. Therefore, from June to October, the station remained in the same position. Also in the picture, a power supply unit is visible with transmission antennas belonging to another type of Russian equipment – R-330Z Zhitel [12] jamming station repeatedly spotted in Donbas (marked with a green arrow).
2015.10.01-житель-ртуть [13]

07/12/2016 – the latest topical picture. No equipment is detected.
2016.07.12 [14]

This material was prepared for publication by Vidal Sorokin [15]

Translated by Mc Joy

Edited by Artem Velichko

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