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Hackers and OSINT-analysts uncover details of a Russian hybrid soldier

Hackers from the Ukrainian hacker group #FF FalconsFlame [1] and InformNapalm’s OSINT analysts have gathered information about a Russian hybrid soldier.

The information is downloaded during e-mail correspondences between terrorists and their coordinator. The conversations highlight a different circumstance regarding Putin’s «hybrid miners» in Donbass. More about the extent of the data breach can be read in our previous article with the title «What is burning the Russian Ministry of Defense» [2]and consists of a series of publications based on data leakage.

A letter in the mailbox of the organization «Volunteers for Donbass» has given the following information: «Andrei Litvinov, a sergeant of the reconnaissance platoon of the first company in the «Leshij» battalion, received on the 6th of September 2014 several injuries from landmines during operations against the enemy. He has been awarded the «Battle of Luhansk».

His injuries speak for themselves

«A penetrating wound to the spine, II-III-degree spinal cord injury, penetrating shrapnel injury on the left breast, damage to the bottom of the left lung, total accumulation of air and blood in the pleural cavity, contusion of the left lung, an open fracture of the left ulna, II-III-degree open fracture on the left metacarpal bone, shrapnel injuries in the soft tissues of the right lower limb. III degree traumatic, hemorrhagic and spinal shock».


«Complete paralysis from the lower part of the chest, pressure ulcers, festering wounds in the lower back. Andrei is home for rehabilitation. He is living from a 10 thousand rubles’ pension of which a portion goes to medicines. He is in need of expert assistance, rehabilitation and treatment support».

паспорт [3]Russian passport in the name Andrey Vyacheslavovich Litvinov, born 24.12.1987, № 80-12-676902, issued 28.01.2013.

страховое [4]A Russian compulsory pension insurance № 128-245-824-64.

выписка из приказа [5]A decision by the commander of the battalion «Leshij» in the breakaway republic of Luhansk.
эпикриз луганск [6]Excerpts from hospital records № 14416, issued 11.09.2014 at the regional hospital in Luhansk.

Discharge document, dated 09.13.2014 issued by the «FGKU 1602 BKG MO RF» Russian Defense Forces clinic in Rostov. It is worth paying attention to the following information from the above epicrisis:

«According to the patient, he was injured during uncertain circumstances 09.06.2014. At the place where he got the injury self-help and mutual help was given. Then transportation to Luhansk hospital. By order of the health services of the Southern Military District, transported by ambulance to the «FGKU 1602 BKG MO RF» Russian Defense Forces clinic».

эпикриз ростов [7]A summary of discharge of 27.11.2014, № 44696, issued by the Department of Military Surgery, the Kirov University Hospital, St. Petersburg. It is noteworthy that Litvinov, according to the document is recognized as a «civilian employee of the Russian Defense Forces», although he was listed as «one of the others» at the military hospital in Rostov.эпикриз ВМА 1 [8] эпикриз ВМА 2 [9]The documents have made it possible to exactly understand when and where Litvinov was wounded, but his status afterwards is more diffuse. At the hospital in Luhansk he was just considered «a Russian citizen», at the military hospital in Rostov «one of the others», and the Department of Military Surgery a « civilian employee of the Russian Defense Forces». To understand the question, who is Andrei Litvinov InformNapalm’s volunteers have made further explorations of open sources to find his profile on social [10] networks [pictures [11], contacts [12]].

Andrei Litvinov has studied at a military higher school of education, as confirmed by his photographs of him as a cadet. Similarly, a list of his friends with the note «with my fellow students [13]» suggest this. Probably he studied at Ekaterinburg Military Higher school of Education. In 2011 it ceased to exist and its students were reallocated to other military educational institutions.

Selection_106Selection_103 [14] Selection_102 [15] Selection_100 [16] Selection_101 [17]

Given Andrei Litvinov’s date of birth 24.12.1987, he was 18 years old at the end of 2005. He enrolled in the university college in the summer of 2006 and took his degree five years later [in the summer of 2011]. After graduation he signed the obligatory contract with the Russian Defense Ministry, for three or five years.

If Litvinov signed a contract for three years and decided not to continue the service in the armed forces, he must have been a mercenary [and terrorist] when he fought in Ukraine in September 2014. According to the documents above, the wounded sergeant was transported from Luhansk to a military hospital in Rostov.

Subsequent treatment was performed on one of the most well-known medical institutions of the Russian Defense Forces. Wouldn’t it be a lot of an honor for a mercenary who according to the Russian Criminal Code had committed a crime as a mercenary abroad?

Andrei Litvinov posted on 13.10.2014 a photo to his album. The picture shows him close to the back of a rocket. Judging by the vegetation, this image was taken in late summer. Litvinov is armed with a SVD sniper rifle and a PM pistol. The enlarged images in the album of the same location are GEO-tagged H-21 [10.13.2014], Luhansk, Ukraine.

Selection_104 [18]232 [19]Portrait derived from the sum of all data

❶ Litvinov has a higher military education
❷ He has a military specialty, «operation of ground artillery units»
❸ He served as reconnaissance frontrunner of the illegal armed formation «Leshij»
❹ He received medical treatment under structures of the Russian Defense Forces
❺ He fought in Ukraine during the most intense phase of the Russian invasion

We can assume that Andrey Litvinov at the time of injury belonged to the Russian regular forces, commanded by illegal armed groups to carry out reconnaissance and adjustment of artillery attacks on Ukrainian military units. But fate did not look favorably on the «hybrid miner» and punished him with a restricted life in a wheelchair. Now, Litvinov gets a pension of 10 thousand rubles per month, and has two medals which decorates the chest, for the aggression against a neighboring country.
Selection_105 [20]Perhaps Andrey Litvinov has information that may be of interest to journalists that collect stories about Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine. His address and phone number is listed on the Myrotvorets Peace Center’s computerized list of criminals: Ul. Lenina 61A, Apartment 13, Birsk, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. Telephone: +7 917 8011893.

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CC BY 4.0 – This article is written by Mikhail Kuznetsov [24], based on information from the hacker group #FF FalconsFlame [25]. Upon reprint and reuse of the material, an active link to the author and our project desirable.