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Russian Paratrooper Lieutenant-Colonel in Command of LPR Terrorists (audio intercept)

Servicemen of the Russian 247th Air Assault Regiment of all ranks, from senior officers to enlisted soldiers, are involved in terrorist activities and execution of criminal orders of the higher military command of Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine.

This is the conclusion to be drawn from the data collected through open source intelligence (OSINT), as well as the recordings of phone conversations and materials, exclusively granted to InformNapalm by the officers of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). This publication is the result of a complex operation of OSINT volunteers, hacktivists and security agencies.

InformNapalm volunteers have already presented numerous facts [1] of participation of the Russian 247th Air Assault Regiment servicemen in the undeclared war against Ukraine. The soldiers of the regiment recently distinguished themselves during the exercise [2] of Russian occupation troops in Crimea; InformNapalm also repeatedly spotted them in the Ukrainian Donbas [3]. Some officers of this regiment became subjects of our investigations, for example, a former battalion commander, Colonel Roman Yuvakaev, [4] who was caught on a bribe and fired, then rehabilitated and reinstated to his position for his participation in the war in Donbas.

The materials granted by the SBU contain new data of the involvement of Russian military personnel as commanders, consultants and advisors of the Luhansk Peoples’ Republic (LPR) and Donetsk Peoples’ Republic (DPR) terrorist organizations.

Background information about the subject of this investigation

Stanislav Eduardovich Yershov, born 10.07.1970, citizen of Russian Federation, has been involved since October of 2014 with the LPR terrorist organization as an adviser and deputy commander of the 6th Motorized Rifle Cossack Platov Regiment of the 2nd Army Corps of LPR. A native and resident of Russian Federation, a career officer of the Russian Armed Forces, personnel number U564661, participant of the Chechen campaign, holds the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

Last position and permanent duty station of Stanislav Yershov in the Russian army, before being sent to the occupied territory of Ukraine, is commander of the 2nd Battalion, 247th Guards Air Assault Caucasus Cossack Regiment (military unit #54801, Stavropol), which belongs to the 7th Guards Air Assault Mountain Division (Novorossiysk).In this position in 2013, Yershov was recorded on a video of the awarding of the honorary Guards title to the 247th Air Assault Caucasus Cossack Regiment (Video – 247th Airborne Regiment receives its Banner of Victory [5]).

Lieutenant-Colonel Yershov also featured in a publication dedicated to the Day of Airborne Troops titled These lads will never fail [6], which was released on August 2, 2006 in the Stavropol Pravda newspaper.

Interestingly, Yershov gave his first interview in the rank of captain with the 21-th Air Assault Brigade to the NTV channel on the events of 1995 in Grozny, where he was directly involved (video An officer of Russian army about storming of Grozny in 1995 [7]).

Since the beginning of the active phase of the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, paratrooper Lieutenant-Colonel Yershov, an officer of the Russian army, took part in the activity of the LPR terrorist organization.

Apparently in Russian Federation, there has been developed a standard procedure of recruiting seasoned reservists who had served in command positions for the “missions to Ukraine”.

We found that Yershov’s enrollment for an LPR command position was carried out through 3rd Reserve Formations Office of Motorized Troops of the 12th Reserve Command of Southern Military District of the Russian Ministry of Defense. He was enrolled as a senior officer, which is confirmed in a telephone conversation with his former colleague named Roman, who also received a travel order for the “mission” to the occupied part of the Donetsk region.

[Note of InformNapalm: all audio files featuring in this publication have been compiled into a single file and posted on a video sharing service for reference and detailed study. Parts of conversation have been transcribed for this this publication. We also noticeably softened the expressions used by Yershov. While he may sound like a regular middle class person in these translations, his actual vocabulary is more similar to that of a character from “Reservoir Dogs” or “Casino”. Full unedited and uncensored transcripts will be posted later – stay tuned].

Klen is the callsign of Yershov in Donbas. Here is part of the transcript of the conversation from his phone number +380669025254, where Yershov talks to his interlocutor Roman (Roma or Ramses) +79203832171. 

Klen: “Did they tell you the destination?”

Roma: “Not yet. I’ll read it out for you: A senior officer of the 7th Division of Motorized Troops Reserve Formations of the 12th Command, reserves of the Southern Military District.”

Klen: “Seventh Formation? This is not to us. We are the Third Formation, I believe. The Seventh Formation of Motorized Troops? No, we are not the Seventh, we are the Third. You’re probably in the DPR … In short, Roma, here they disperse people. Snezhnovskiy(?), he left. I think to myself : I’m staying here so far, but chances are, they send me elsewhere, into some shithole. In short, take some camo, a couple of USB drives. Copy all programs on them, firing practice course – ah, it’s already here. Mission Task Lists for a company, platoon. All forms of summaries, and combat training log books for platoon, company, battalion, regiment. Also the documents that you use, the entire teaching material on the BMD [airborne armored infantry fighting vehicle], it’s all necessary. In reality, we’re training and training here – and they do not want to learn, fucking aborigines. It would be great, if you come here, but I just know that we have all the battalion commander positions occupied. Now more or less everything is back to normal. There’s been no real war after Debal [Debaltseve], people crap around, thuggery starts again. It’s like, we’re waiting for a fucking whistle any time now. Here the other side, Ukraine, must attack, and we should respond, and kick some ass… It’s kinda special here, the people are peculiar: many cons, many runaway cons from Russia here. You will have such a freaking wealth of experience with this element here! Labutyan, well, in short, a lot of people cannot stand it here. Here is this Ruzik [Ruzinsky], this moron from the second brigade, he is our neighbor now, he ruined everything in his unit, and now they push us to help him run trainings. He will be soon Chief of Staff of our corps; I just do not know how we will be then.”

Then Klenov notes that last winter, a military adviser was shot in the leg, some others got killed or shot themselves, i.e. there was certain moral toll.

Roma asks which stuff to take along.

Klen: “Don’t take anything new. Better take everything of old design. Winter uniform, a jacket you will get where you’ll serve. Take a tactical vest if you have a good one, don’t buy it here. The banditos got me everything here – a vest and weapons, all donated, all booty stuff. And I’ve got a UAZ Hunter, also pillaged. Roma, it’s fine here. It would be good if you go to us. And when will you go, do you know?”

Roma: “I don’t know. My documents were sent to Moscow. Waiting for the order now.”

Klen: “And for the position of the battalion commander?”

Roma: “The regiment commander said, it’s the battalion commander, some senior officer. What is this position?”

Klen: “I am also a head of some department. In Russia it is called so, and here you are Vice Commander of a Regiment or Head of a Service. But most likely, you are not coming to us.”

Roma: “How large are the distances between each other?”

Klen: “On the phone, I cannot talk. Well, two corps – one in DPR, another one in LPR.”

Ershov notes that the requirements are very high there, “our paratrooper stuff is fucking leisure”. There are many paratroopers here. My replacement will come in October.

Before the mission to the east of Ukraine, a cover story was elaborated for Yershov. He received the name of Klenov, allegedly a native of Alchevsk in Luhansk region, where he used to be a self-employed entrepreneur selling household chemicals. Yershov chose the callsign Klen, on the lines of his cover name.

The practice of making up stories is used to cover the officers and generals of the Russian army participating in combat operations in the territory of other countries to hide the presence of Russian military personnel and indemnify them from eventual criminal liability. If necessary, the cover story can be changed. Thus, in May 2016, Klen, probably longing for the romantics of his paratrooper service, got new documents in the name of Vorόntsev, but he kept his previous callsign though.

Yershov’s participation in the activities of the LPR terrorist organization was also corroborated by the SBU intercept of his conversation with an employee of the finance department at his previous home station in Russia. In that call, Klen was trying to figure out if he was getting his “salary increments for physical training”
(Klen called from his number +380669025254 a woman named Natalia Petrovna at +79153081843).

Klen: “This is your former client. Once you helped me very much, I served in Kostroma. It was two years ago or so. I had some problems back then. Stanislav Eduardovich is my name, Yershov.”

Natalia Petrovna: “I do remember. Yes-yes.”

Klen: “Klenov is now my surname now. Natalia Petrovna, by the phone number you will understand where I am. I have been here for a long time. By the number you will understand. I’m in the south-east. I’ve been here for quite a while. If you remember, I had troubles with my personnel number then.”

[Note of InformNapalm editorial team: after receiving the data on this serviceman, Ukrainian hacktivists from the Trinity [8] group were able to retrieve the statements of payments previously transferred to Yershov through the Russian Ministry of Defense, here is one of the statements for 2012 [9].  [9]This proves that by the beginning of hostilities in Donbas, Yershov had been already a reserve officer, and he was reinstated in the service via the Reserve Formations of the Southern Military District command, as evidenced by the note above.]

Klen wants to know if his “salary increment for physical training” was still being paid to him.

Klen: “Please help me, if you can. I am under other names here, without documents. Well, I’m on a special mission.”

Klen dictates his personal number: U564661, 07.10.70, Yershov…

Being in the position of a deputy commander of the 6th Motorized Rifle Cossack Platov regiment of the 2nd Army Corps of the LPR, the Russian adviser Yershov (aka. Klen) coordinates combat operations against the Ukrainian Army stationed in Popasna district of Luhansk region. He organizes and manages combat training of militants, takes part in the development and implementation of combat and mobilization readiness plans of the illegal armed groups.

He openly despises his local subordinates, calling them “bandits” and “trash”, although through their efforts Klen was provided with everything necessary for a comfortable life in the territory occupied by Russian aggressors: housing in Stakhanov, UAZ Hunter jeep, etc. All, of it was taken away, pillaged from the local population. He was even “granted” an apartment in Lysychansk, now under control of Ukrainian authorities.
Russian army officer Yershov doesn’t shy from looting himself: shops, malls, etc. He shares the “trophies” with his mistresses that he acquired on his “mission”, and sends some to his wife to Stavropol. Also, in less than two years in LPR, Yershov managed to hoard a considerable stash of cash, which he plans to invest in real estate in Russia.

Lieutenant-Colonel Yershov while “serving” with the LPR indulges in a weird hobby – he collects insignia of Ukrainian units, which the militants remove from the uniforms of killed or captured servicemen of the Ukrainian Army and other Ukrainian units taking part in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO). Some items of his collection Klen sends to Russia as gifts to his former colleagues.

Yershov’s LPR contract expires on October 1, 2016. Thereafter he plans to return to Russia. Ironically, one of the reasons why he does not want to extend his stay in Donbas is his outright disgust for the people of this region. Yershov calls them “savages”, “herd”, “scum” and wishes them to return under control of the Ukrainian authorities to be punished for their lack of passion and fighting spirit. Furthermore, he admits that he personally “shed local blood”.

(Audio file “(25.05.2015) + (07.04.2016)” available to InformNapalm, Yershov (aka. Klen) receives a call at +380669025254 from a former colleague in Russia at +79881179226). Part of the transcript:

“… They’re like a herd of cattle here. They deserve nothing better than to run around with bows and arrows. They were given a tank battalion here. I say to them: “Bastards, you only deserve to ride mules. A cutlass is the limit of your personal growth.” They are simply the most fucked up people I’ve ever seen. I’m telling you, they just don’t care about anything and about this war. In my opinion, we should get out of here. And let the Nazis bend them over, just to make them understand. They are pure bastards, maybe 20% care for their motherland, and that’s it. All the rest are just scumbags, alcoholics, they just don’t give a shit… it’s like talking to a brick wall with them… I say, I’ve shed local blood so much – you won’t believe it. I haven’t killed so many in Russia. Here, I have the authority already – I can afford to kill here…”

An excerpt from another call:

«…curse these Luhansk people, this pack of fuckers with their retard mentality… You and I, we are happy people, now that we live in the Caucasus, and don’t ever move anywhere from there. I tell you, it is better to move to Kizlyar somewhere… Okay, brother, take care, say hello to Natalia. Everything’s fine. Someone got me another Ukie chevron yesterday, I’ll bring it along…”


Russian Lieutenant-Colonel Yershov debunks the rhetoric of Russian media about the genocide of the Russian-speaking population of Donbas by the “Kyiv junta”. On the other hand, he proves that that the likes of him coming from Russia to participate in the activities of the LPR and DPR terrorist organizations go to the east of Ukraine not to protect its people, but solely to profiteer at the expense of the local population. Russian servicemen kill people, loot and destroy the economic potential and infrastructure of Donbas, temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Translated by Andrii Gryganskyi

Edited by Artem Velichko

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