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Russian Paratroopers Miss The Killings

“If you see something bad then take a closer look. There are always good points too. I miss you, brother…” – the revelations of the Russian war criminals from the 247th Air Assault Regiment (military unit No. 54801, Stavropol, Russia) of the 7-th Air Assault Division which has taken part in the summer fights in Donbas. Please check out the attached photos (pay attention to the comments).

1-1 [1] 1-2 [2]  8LS2hNhNYJ8 [3] Capture [4] rHmGNrXN1KU [5]

Photos below made by the Russian paratrooper show the Commander Vehicle R-149BMR Kushetka-B of the 121st Signal Brigade of the Ukrainian Army, vehicle number  004 which  was destroyed by Russian invaders near Horbatenko village [6].


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Here are the online profiles of the murderers from the Russian terrorists army:
Igor ‘niggar’ Zavalishin [14]
Arsen Damurov [15]
Kirill Grankin [16]

1-0 [17]2- [18]3- [19]

At this moment this unit of the 247th Air Assault Regiment is located in the fields of the Rostov Oblast, where it takes part in the combat training together with other units of the Russian invasion army (to be continued).

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Original article [22] by Irakli Komakhidze [23] translated by Oleksandr Klymenko