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Russian PSNR-8 Stations Used by Militants in the Donbas

On September 16, 2016 the militants of illegal armed sabotage and reconnaissance group (SRG) Patriot (formerly – Rusich SRG), which consists of Russian mercenaries and professional Russian servicemen [1], posted a photo in their account on the VK social network featuring a modern Russian PSNR-8 Credo-M1 (1L120) portable ground reconnaissance station and a RBU-3 Fara (1RL136) – close reconnaissance station. Archive of the publication with the photo is under this link. [2]

The photo is accompanied by a notable comment: ‘Fighters of the Patriot SRG master TRE (technical reconnaissance equipment).’ It is worth reminding, that the PSNR-8 Credo-M1 ground reconnaissance station entered service with the Russian Army in 2002. It could not have become a trophy of the illegal armed groups, as it had not been exported into Ukraine. It is yet another fact proving that Russia supplies weapons and equipment to the occupied territory of Ukraine.


Let us have a brief look at the specifications.

The station provides automatic detection and positioning of moving ground-based, airborne and surface targets (single soldiers, units, armored vehicles, hovering and low-flying helicopters, boats and ships of various classes), fire adjustment for the artillery.

Operating crew – 2-3 people.
Operational wave band – 2 cm (J).
Coverage area:
– range – from 200 m to 32 km;
– azimuth – from 12 to 180° with adjustment discrete of 12°;
– elevation – +/-18°.
Target acquisition range:
– human – 7-8 km,
– main battle tank – up to 16 km,
– freight vehicle – up to 32 km,
– artillery shell burst – up to 5 km.
Positioning median errors:
– for range – up to 25 m,
– for direction – 00-05 m (0,3°).
Power consumption – 110 W.
Battery run-time – up to 24 hours.
Weight – 51 kg.

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