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Russian PSNR-8M Portable Ground Reconnaissance Station in the Arsenal of Separatists of the DPR

The InformNapalm team, with the active support of friends and allies, continues to detect and identify modern Russian weapons and equipment that so often can be seen on videos and photos of “Novorossiya” militants. Previously, various Russian military equipment used for communications, electronic intelligence and electronic warfare, drones and other newest products of the Russian military industry were found in the occupied Donbas through OSINT monitoring.

A new observation of our friend Mikhail Net revealed a Russian PSNR-8M portable ground reconnaissance station in the arsenal of the Khan Battalion of the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR). “This is that awkward moment when [Russian] propagandists ‘displayed’ a modern Russian PSNR-8M station of the ground reconnaissance. This piece of equipment is used by the Khan Special Forces Battalion of the DPR [1]. A question for the Russian “Military supply store” – Did the ‘miners’ take it from the Ukrainians again?” – said Mikhail.

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InformNapalm.org has repeatedly pointed out that a significant part of our publications is based on the information provided by the readers and friends who conduct their own OSINT observations. This information was found and analyzed by our friend Mikhail Net.


Original article [7] by Mikhail Net [8] translated by Sveta Kemblowski