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Russian units of 18th MRD transferred from Kaliningrad Oblast to the east of Ukraine

According to HUMINT sources of InformNapalm volunteer intelligence community, strike units of the 18th Motorized Rifle Division (MRD) are being transferred to the eastern borders of Ukraine. The division was newly formed in 2021, consisting of 3 mechanized infantry regiments (79th, 275th and 280th Motorized Rifle Regiments), as well as the 11th Armored Regiment. It is expected that units of the 18th MRD will be involved in hostilities against Ukraine in the Kramatorsk area.

It is worth mentioning that in June 2021, InformNapalm reported [1] about the formation of the 18th MRD and setting up of new bases for its units in the settlements of the Kaliningrad Oblast, the towns of Gusev (until 1946 – Gumbinnen) and Sovetsk (until 1946 – Tilsit). As noted by InformNapalm analysts, the location of the military formations of the new division indirectly indicated probable plans for Russian aggression against Lithuania, as well as against Poland by breaching a corridor between the Kaliningrad region and the Republic of Belarus through the so-called Suwalki gap.

In fact, Russia does not believe in any NATO threat.

These actions exposing the flanks of the westernmost Russian federal region directly bordering on two NATO countries demonstrate that the military command and political leadership of the Russian Federation do not have any real reservations that NATO could take any aggressive action against Russia. That is, all the rhetoric about the threat that Ukraine would carry as part of NATO is nothing more than a propaganda ploy designed to justify the war of aggression to the internal Russian domestic audience. If the Russia had expected any kind of military threat from NATO, it would have never exposed to the potential adversary the flank of its disputed territory, which became part of the Soviet Union only after World War 2 in accordance with the Potsdam agreements. And now the question should be raised whether Russia, as an aggressor and an occupying country that attacked Ukraine, has the right to keep this territory in the future. Shall Russia be entitled to keep its military bases there, directly threatening the security of several NATO countries?

The Ukrainian Army, through its extraordinary victories, has drawn off most of the reserves of the Russian army, which over the past week have been transferred from various military bases in the territories occupied by the Russian Federation to the borders of Ukraine. After the Armed Forces of Ukraine grind down the 18 MRD (as they did with many other Russian military units), this will significantly reduce the potential of the Russian Federation to escalate hostilities against Lithuania and Poland. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus could also be used as an instrument of aggression, if not against Ukraine, then against Poland or Lithuania.


While Russia is gathering manpower from all its regions and the occupied territories of other countries, the Ukrainian defense forces and the Ukrainian people are putting up incredible single-handed resistance to the aggressor. It is sad that peaceful Ukrainians continue to die under Russian aerial and missile attacks, because NATO is afraid to show a consolidated position and refuses to help close the sky over Ukraine from Russian airplanes and missiles. At the same time, according to the intelligence data of InformNapalm, Ukraine is drawing off even those Russian strike forces that created a standing threat to NATO countries.

Message from InformNapalm in honor of the community foundation day. Ukraine, 2022. [2]


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