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Servicemen of Russian 7057th Naval Aviation Base participated in annexation of Crimea

We continue to identify and publish information about Russian war criminals who took part in the special operation to seize Crimea in February-March 2014. Today we present the names of four soldiers from the 7057th Air Base of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Armed Forces (military unit 49311 based in the village of  Kacha in temporarily occupied Crimea), who took part in the military aggression against Ukraine. It should be noted that all the personnel of the air base were involved in the special operation and later awarded medals.

Information about the Russian occupiers 

Sergei Sergeevich Chaikin (Russian: Сергей Сергеевич Чайкин), born on April 1, 1995, in Verhnocherensky village [1], Volgograd Oblast of the Russian Federation.

He was called up for military service [2] in June 2013.

He maintains his account on the Russian social media website Odnoklassniki under the nickname Prosto Seryoga [3] but his full name is shown in the award certificate for the medal for the occupation of Crimea:

The award certificate was signed by the commander of the 7057th Air Base, Colonel Anatoly Stepanov. We wrote about him and his brother (a former serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) in the first investigation [4] into the participation of servicemen of this air base in the aggression against Ukraine

In his comments to the photo [5] of the medal, Chaikin says that the award was received by the entire military unit. The Russian website https://www.kchf.ru/ [6] also writes about it.

Pages, photos and archives of Sergey Chaikin

https://ok.ru/sergey.chaykin (http://archive.is/meTvu)

альбом http://archive.is/cfugx

контакти http://archive.is/jx7lo

Vasily Sergeevich Komarov (Russian: Василий Сергеевич Комаров [7] ), born on December 11, 1990. He is a comrade in arms [8] of Sergei Chaikin. He also posted a photo with a medal for the occupation of Crimea.

He has two accounts on Odnoklassniki website. On one of them he indicated his place of residence as the city of Taganrog, on the other as the village of Matveev Kurgan. Both places are in Rostov Oblast of Russia. A car from Vasily’s photo album has a license plate issued in Rostov Oblast.

Pages, photos and archives of Vasily Komarov

https://ok.ru/vasek.komarov1 (http://archive.is/wgM24)

альбом http://archive.is/pOOe5

контакти http://archive.is/58IPx

https://ok.ru/profile/555844461560 (http://archive.is/O5byb)

альбом http://archive.is/Pwoqa

контакти http://archive.is/yel6m

Another comrade in arms [8] of Sergey Chaikin has an account on the Russian social media website Odnoklassniki under the nickname ALEKSANDR KING [9]. He also posted a photo with a medal for the occupation of Crimea.

In the list of relatives, [10] he indicated his mother, Elena Petrova [11]. Through her name we found an account of the Russian occupier created under his real name.

The account has been inactive since 2011, but in the Family section there is a link to mother [12]’s account which confirms our finding. This account gave us the real name of the Russian occupier: Aleksandr Petrov (Russian: Александр Петров), born on September 14, 1994, probably from Labinsk, Russia.

Pages, photos and archives of Aleksandr Petrov

https://ok.ru/profile/570864955953 (http://archive.is/CZnUs)

альбом http://archive.is/sFt73

контакти http://archive.is/0lnyB
https://ok.ru/profile/511994590862 (http://archive.vn/8Xjvf)
https://ok.ru/profile/511994590862/friends (http://archive.vn/DvdTI)
https://ok.ru/profile/511994590862/photos (http://archive.vn/ss9D4)

In the next photo, Petrov (right) is with his colleague Aleksei Nikiforov (pictured left).

Aleksey Yurievich Nikiforov (Russian: Алексей Юрьевич Никифоров), born on May 30 , 1987, Cheboksary, Russia. He also took part in the aggression against Ukraine and also received a medal for it.

Pages, photos and archives of Aleksey Nikiforov

https://ok.ru/profile/290946961956 (http://archive.is/uUHSj)

альбом http://archive.is/51jpi

контакти http://archive.is/3kxfc


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