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Terrorist War of the Russian Federation against Ukraine: Summary for the 7th September 2014

Карта07 [1]The third day of the ‘ceasefire’

The Situation Around Donetsk

Either the DNR and LNR have not heard that about the planned ceasefire or they disrespect their political leaders. In any event they continue to fight for the Donetsk airport. Despite the silence of the Ukrainian heavy artillery, the Russian terrorists use mortars, rocket systems GRAD and self-propelled guns NONA in full swing. From the territory of the chemical factory one of systems GRAD is constantly shelling the Donetsk airport.

Over the past days the enemy had time to prepare their resources for further escalation of the war. We should remember that after a successful offensive in the direction of the Donetsk-Kharkiv road the Ukrainian forces were forced to withdraw from Pisky.  This helps to understand why the enemy was able to remove part their forces from this sector and throw them in the Southern sector in the area of Olenivka-Olhynka. Most likely the terrorists are preparing an assault towards Mariupol from the North; either via Olenivka –Novotroitsk or via Vuhledar. The first way is more logical as it allow closing the ring around Dokuchajevsk. The second way is possible, but the enemy most likely do not have the resources for this option.

The Situation Around Mariupol

Having being driven back from the Shirokino area, the Russian forces withdrew to Novoazovsk, where they have started to regroup and resupply. So the truce has been helpful to them as well. The shelling of the outskirts of Mariupol from the East has been taking place. And as previously reported  Diversionary Reconnaissance Groups (DRG) of the enemy are already acting in the southern territory of the Donetsk region and along the coastal road (E58), which is creating difficulties in bring in supplies to the forces defending Mariupol.

We have also had information from people living in the Novoazovsk area about the Russian regular army trying to spread panic among civilians. The Russians have been spreading rumours that they have the objective of getting to Zaporizhya by Thurthday. This bravado is more psychological than a real threat, but it does have an impact on people’s minds.

We have written before that the Amvrosiivka grouping of the Ukraininan forces, while cut off, are not surrounded. Even with the Russian Army reinforcements it has proved difficult for the enemy to hold and control such a big group of the Ukrainian troops. The residents of Telmanove were therefore pleasantly surprised when the town was liberated by our forces that have been moving west.  Now that the Ukrainian forces occupy towns and residential areas we will see if the Russian-terrorist forces will shell these areas. But I suppose, based on what has happened up to now, we know the answer to that question already.

 Northern Donetsk Combat Zone

According to sources in the Horlivka combat zone it has been relatively quiet there. Terrorists continuing shelling of Dzerzhinsk, shooting in a South-East direction, likely from Zhdanovka, and also in a South-West direction, likely form Panteleymonovka. Taking into consideration suspicious activity of the terrorists in the towns between Donesk and Luhansk. We can expect preparations to advance on Dzerzhinsk and Debaltseve. There is a high level of activity of terrorists in Alchevsk (where it was quiet before) and in Perevalsk. We had also indicated previously that enemy forces were concentrated in Bryanka. And movement of columns of vehicles moving in the direction of Shakhtarsk-Zugres has been identified. These forces are probably gathering in the area of Gornoe and Zuevka. This is why the situation of Debaltseve is still a serious issue.

Luhansk Combat Zone

The Russian-terrorists have managed to gain a foothold on the east bank of the Severskiy Donets River. The river has provided protection for the Russian-terrorists on the western bank and for the rear of ATO which is situated in Schastye. So this situation is not a good scenario. In spite of the “truce”, shelling of Schastye is continuing, and DRG units of the terrorists are acting in the rear of our troops.

International Military Support to Ukraine?

On the world arena we have the bunch of “refuses”. USA, France, Italy, Poland and Norway one by one refuted words of President’s advisor Igor Lutsenko about supplying Ukraine with weapon. We have one of two scenarios –advisor in these countries do not want to acknowledge all the details of the world diplomacy (officially NATO countries do not want to show their intention to supply Ukraine with weapon), or things are really this bad, and no country really promises us either formal or informal military support. In any case we should remember the rule “God helps those who help themselves”. Obviously every state has its own goals and very few of them want to put themselves into open confrontation with the powerful aggressor terrorising Ukraine. But we want to remind you of Napoleon’s words about the people and the army: “If Europe does not want to “feed” the (Ukrainian) army they will have to “feed” the Russian army soon.

Glory to Ukraine!

Translated by Victoria Field [2] and Eugenia Zlamanuk [3]edited by Larry Field [4]