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Traffic on the Crimean Bridge is under threat: the access road embankment is sliding. Documents of the Ministry of Transport of Crimea + photo

InformNapalm volunteer intelligence community got hold of classified documents and photos addressed to the head of the Federal Railway Transport Agency of the Russian Federation from the Ministry of Transport of the occupation authorities of Crimea. The document and the attached photos suggest that the actions of the contractor Stroygazmontazh LTD caused the embankment soil to slide under the only access road leading to the Crimean Bridge.

We remind once again that inaction on resolving this issue may lead to the slide of the entire main road and, as a result, the cessation of traffic along a single approach to the Crimean Bridge,” the document says.

Original documents and pictures were provided by hacktivists of the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance [1]. The documents are accessible under the following links: Letter of 1/30/19  [2]and Statement of construction supervision of 01/23/19 [3].

Here are some pictures of the road from road services, illustrating the nature of sliding of undersoil on the way to the Crimean bridge.


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