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War in Ukraine. Interesting Russian Field Camp Almost on the Ukrainian Territory

While performing OSINT monitoring of the Russian military servicemen and mercenaries in social networks, we were able to find an “Interesting camp” of the Russian military equipment, which is located almost on the territory of Ukraine.

Photos uploaded to the timelines of the Russian soldiers assigned to a base at the border between Russia and Ukraine revealed the location of a camp near Volchenskiy village, Rostov Oblast, Russian Federation. This location is circled on the photos.

Different equipment can be seen on the photos: a unified command and staff vehicle; a transportable gun/SAM system Pantsir-S1 (NATO: SA-22 ‘Greyhound’) and other equipment that is hidden in the bushes.

Update: other photos of the gun/SAM system Pantsir-S1 and AAM system Tor-M1 (NATO: SA-15 ‘Gauntlet’), belonging to the same location point, were uploaded to one of these timelines a couple of days ago. By now, these photos have been deleted.

Update 2: see one more photo taken at this camp and having the same location point. It is interesting because a shaded identification mark can be seen on the gun/SAM system Pantsir-S1. This means that the equipment is ready for the transfer to Ukraine.

24.01.2015 Images [1] and video [2] of Pantsir-S1 and Tor-M1 appeared. The equipment was spotted in Shakhtarsk, Ukraine.

Original article [3] by InformNapalm, translated by Maria Holubeva.