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Weapon Withdrawal Deja Vu Or Another Step on a Rake

InformNapalm international volunteer group has identified more places of concentration of occupation forces of the Russian Federation in the settlement of Petrivske, Starobesheve raion [1] and in Kirovski District [2] of Donetsk.

Social network profiles of 20-year old mercenaries Anton Kravets [3] and Nikolay Blagodarev [4], who have joined the occupation forces of Russian Federation only for money, have pictures showing hidden 122mm 2S1 ‘Gvozdika’ self-propelled artillery mounts  in the village of Petrivske, which is located near the settlement of Komsomolske, Starobesheve area. These pictures also show the presence of tanks in Donetsk.

We note that the geotag shows us an area on the map between settlements Petrivske, Pidhirne and Komsomolske, however, we were able to identify the exact location of the hidden self-propelled howitzers thanks to a picture [7], which shows us a shape of the building (marked in red). In particular, windows are located above the roof and the level of the next roof becomes higher.2015-11-09_134528-крыша [8]

2015-11-09_105727 [9]

2015-11-09_105032 [10]  2015-11-09_1104252015-11-09_105137 [11] 2015-11-09_110459 [12]

2015-11-09_123921-map! [13]

Then there is a picture [14], which shows a confession of the young mercenary, where he says that he joined terrorist group for money!

2015-11-09_155511-опыт [15]

While we were observing different profiles, one of those militants has published a picture [16] of tanks. Thanks to the help of our friend @5urpher [17] we were able to identify this place [2]. It was already shown by terrorists in their video from December 16, 2014, titled ‘DPR withdraws tanks from the frontline’. Someone has a long deja vu, others consider this to be another and continuous ‘stepping on a rake’.

Whether or not there is hidden heavy weaponry of the Russian occupation forces on this base, it should be re-checked by observers from the ‘OSCE special monitoring mission to Ukraine’, as they did after InformNapalm recent publication [18] of pictures of tanks hidden in destroyed cowsheds [19] in the settlement of Zelene near Ilovaisk. Was it a coincidence? I think you know the answer.

2015-11-09_152958-map! [20]

2015-11-09_141225-донецк [21]

2015-11-09_141755-донецк [22] 2015-11-09_142002 [23] 2015-11-09_142044 [24]

танки [25]


Original article [26] by @BuTaJIu4eK [27], translated by Maksym Sviezhentsev