Ukrainian Cyber Alliance (UCA)

Ukrainian Cyber Alliance (#UkrainianCyberAlliance, UCA) is a community of Ukrainian hacktivists from different Ukrainian cities and parts of the world.

The alliance was founded in March 2016 by two cyber activist groups, FalconsFlame and Trinity, later on other cyber groups and some individual hacktivists joined the alliance.

At this point the Alliance includes the following groups:

FalconsFlame the number of hacktivists in the group is not known. The group was founded in 2010, it has an official page on Twitter

Trinity the number of hacktivists in the group is not known. The group was founded in 2011, it has an official page on Twitter. 

RUH8 – consists of 2 hacktivists (Dahmer and Sean). The group was founded in 2014, it has an official page on Twitter, and an official web site at ruheight.orgSean is also the official speaker for the Cyber Alliance.

CyberHunta (represented in the Alliance by individual hacktivists)

The UCA cooperates with InformNapalm volunteer intelligence community and hands over the materials to InformNapalm on exclusive terms for familiarization, review and analysis. 

During the last year UCA conducted several significant operations and obtained the mails of the Russian officials, media and the Russian orthodox church who are trying to undermine the stability of Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the whole world.

Under the following links you will find our publications on topics that are now well known to the whole world:

SurkovLeaks; official page on Twitter: #SurkovLeaks





Videos about the UCA:



InformNapalm-Publications based on UCA-Data