Who is bombing Syria: personal data of 58 Russian airforce officers (infographics)

Russian propaganda is desperately trying to create a smokescreen, twisting facts and calling outright terror against Syrian civilians – the “war on terror”.
Russian war criminals are hailed as heroes in Russia, although the civilized world has repeatedly expressed concern and dismay at the disproportionate share of peaceful targets hit by the Russian air strikes in Syria.
When a state becomes the main terrorist, citizens become its judge.


For over 6 months, the international volunteer community InformNapalm has been painstakingly collecting bits of information on war criminals – pilots and navigators of the Russian air grouping in Syria. They killed hundreds of civilians, including women and children, destroyed infrastructure, causing a humanitarian catastrophe and driving tens of thousands of Syrian citizens to flee the country. Every pilot who pressed the bomb release or missile launch button, everyone who fulfilled criminal orders, must be identified and brought before the International Criminal Court. InformNapalm started the data structuring and identification in October 2015, which resulted in the publication of the first report on 11 officers of the Russian airforce. This caused a major stir, both in the Russian and international media. The Russian president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov responded with a statement, calling the publication of the Russian pilots’ of personal data a “hostile act” and promising that the Russian special services “would take action”. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry exerted its full power of political pressure on the countries that were hosting InformNapalm.org web site at that time, requiring its closure. However, neither cyber-attacks of the intelligence agencies, or attempts to discredit our volunteer project in the media, or political pressure could not stop our work on collection and publication of the information.
And in February 2016, InformNapalm published an updated list of 32 Russian airforce officers. Unfortunately, the number of innocent victims of the Russian military pilots in Syria continues to grow, at the same time Russia continues an aggression against Ukraine. Therefore InformNapalm decided to continue collection and compilation of the data. Today, based on our open source intelligence, we are publishing updated infographics which includes personal data of 58 Russian airforce officers.

We are calling on all those who care about the situation in Syrian and Ukraine to study this information and spread it through social networks and the media. We believe that a war criminal encouraged by his anonymity under such impersonal umbrella terms as “green men”, “Russian airforce” or “Russian officers” would be assured of his impunity. However, we hope that our publications will make officers of the Russian airforce reconsider the personal consequences and refuse to carry out criminal orders. Refuse to take the blood of innocent people on the conscience. Perhaps this publication will be another contribution, which would help save lives and prevent further bloodshed, and keep some servicemen from making the same mistakes.

(CC BY 4.0) This information has been prepared by OSINT investigators of the InformNapalm international volunteer community, an active link to our project is obligatory for any reprint or further public use of the material. You can also provide targeted support to the project by donating funds to purchase laptops for the InformNapalm OSINT investigators team (read more at: Upgrade InformNapalm)


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